Skater Style Clothing

The skater style is famous since the 80′, but went through several modifications during all this time, bringing the movement’s references, of hardcore, other sports and even of fashion as a whole. That’s right! A mistake to think the skater style is completely shut down. What do these guys always looked, actually, your print brand with a lot of comfort and style. And with fashion looking increasingly for urban references, they are more fashionable than ever.

As is the style of skater?

One of the first modifications of the skater style was the width of the clothes. Before, they were just with bigger clothes to make the movements more easily, now, the tight pants, as the skinny, are with everything. That’s because they allow loose motions and without getting twisted in the clothes.

The sweatpants, by the way, are part of the basic closet skater style, says Commit4fitness. Very simply, the visual with a lot of inspiration in street style consists of pants, shirt and sweatpants. The shirts are usually young or print brands that support athletes.

The best pants for the skater style are the jeans or denim, especially if they are skinny. That’s because this material may be more elastic, to loose motions, and even protects from scratches on falls.

To bring a little more menswear references pro skater style, you can bet on the printed shirts that are high. They fell in love the skaters for doing a lot of reference to 90 years, big time world skateboard.

The accessories are also very strong skater style. The bracelets, the hats and caps, they are great for composing your visual. We already teach how to use men’s bracelets, choose the size of the hat and matching Cap!

And finally, one of the most important parts of the skater style. The shoes! The choice of a beautiful tennis and that adheres well to the sandpaper is necessary to compose the visual of the skater. In recent years, we have many brands investing in these models.