Six Questions that Everybody Does about Diamonds

  1. Why a small diamond may cost more than a big?
    To evaluate a diamond, four items are taken into account: the color, the purity, the stoning and the weight. There are degrees and scales of international standards for these four items. Crossing them, experts arrive at the value of each of the stones put up for sale. Thus, an exceptionally small colorless diamond (white) can cost more than a big diamond, tom Brown.
  2. Why is the size of a diamond is given in carats or points? What’s the difference?
    A carat is equal to 200 milligrams, which in practice means that we’re talking about a big rock, hard to be found in nature. To make life easier, was created a system of measurement in points, which subdivides the carat. A point is equal to 0.01 carat. That way, you can measure small stones. The problem is that people mix the two terms and you hear often someone say who won a 5-carat engagement ring, instead of saying “five points of Carat”. It’s a difference, of course, is a five-Carat Diamond is equivalent to a rock of about 11 mm in diameter, a diamantão so. While a five-point ring Carat equals 1.5 mm.
  3. A pink diamond is more expensive than a white diamond?
    Depends on. Depends on the four items mentioned above: color, clarity, cut and weight. As the Pink diamonds are much more rare than whites, it is likely that they are more expensive, but that’s not the rule. Pink, yellow, blue, green, red and purple are rare colors between the diamonds.
  4. A diamond is forever?
    The diamond is the hardest stone. Can only be scratched by another diamond. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be broken. Diamonds break, Yes. Be careful with your.
  5. How to tell if a diamond is fake or real?
    The answer can only be given by a laboratory. Nowadays, artificial, man-made diamonds, are so perfect that it is impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye. So we only buy jewelry diamonds trust at, working with warranty. Run the sacoleiras. They may be well intentioned and reliable. But buy parts for resale in jewelry fairs and may well be buying a pig in a poke!
  6. It is wise to say brilliant or diamond?
    Both forms are correct, the meaning is different. Diamond is the birthstone. Brilliant is a kind of stoning, in round shape, diamond. Is the most well-known and the lapidary that produces better effect.