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Microsoft’s new mobile platform Windows Mobile 6.5 is already working in several smart phones. We present all current as well as upcoming 6.5 models and show Windows Mobile phones where you can confidently access.

According to LocalBusinessexplorer shopping, The XXL smart phone HTC Touch HD2 has it, as Samsung’s Omnia II giant I8000 and also at LG’s are on the agenda: the end of 2009-launched Windows Mobile 6.5 with Design polished up and modern optics is already in many Smart phone. The Windows phones revive the business: each mobile phone manufacturer PEPs operate the software with its user interface for more personalization on – unless HTC with the addition of the sense or Samsung with the TouchWiz2 interface. The thick package of Office comes as had by Microsoft.

Series Devices And Updates
Which smartphones are as standard currently and soon to have 6.5 Windows Mobile, we will show you in our Photo Gallery. There, even business phones with Windows Mobile Store 6.1, which allow an update to the latest version. That doesn’t work with every 6.1 model unfortunately proves the Sony Ericsson X1.

Advantages And Disadvantages Plus Purchase Tips
But not everything is the device overview. With all advantages and disadvantages to each single Windows phone, we help you in addition the purchase decision: three mobile phones worth us a tip. They are characterized by good handling, excellent facilities, and/or a very fair price.

Buying Tip: Lg Electronics Gm750
Network operator Vodafone offers the LG Electronics GM750 exclusively. The Windows phone supports the fixed Internet access Wi-Fi and HSDPA. For photo fun, a 5-megapixel camera inside the case back. The Smartphone is also on the music and video playback. The memory can be expanded via the microSD slot up to 32 GB. The internal A-GPS module and optional Navi software makes the GM750 the mobile pilot. The business mobile phone via the 3-inch (7.62 cm diagonal) touchscreen is operated. In addition to Windows LGs user interface of S-class 3D assumes control, which for the first time in theLG arena was used, and even then our testers liked.

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You already get the LG Electronics GM750 from 240 euro without Vodafone contract. That’s cheap for a Windows phone with modern facilities-as the Vodafone branding and some small touch screen in purchase can be.

Htc Touch Diamond2
Although, the HTC Touch Diamond2 Windows Mobile 6.1 is delivered, it can be but easily on the 6.5. default Update. Already in the 6.1 versionconvinced the noble-looking HTC Touch Diamond2 with a good performance and a clear 3.2 touch screen. HTC’s applied 3D-Bedienoberfläche I like as well as the 5-megapixel camera. Also a GPS receiver, expandable memory and fast HSDPA and Wi-Fi data services include facilities of business phones.

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You do this with the 6.5 update Top ten mobile even better, and above all easy to use. Because the 6.5 update brings bigger icons and an optimized overview. Given the currently fair price from nearly 330 euro without contractis worth a tip us the fine, well processed Smartphone.

Htc Hd2
What the previous Windows Smartphones bring, simply surpasses the 6.5 phone HTC HD2. The 12 mm slim housing is taken up mainly by the 4.3 inch huge, capacitive touchscreen. In conjunction with the installed HTC interface sense the screen supports the two finger control (multi touch)-so far only once under the Windows phones.Also on a fixed 1-GHz processor for a good and stable pace of work is indispensable. Fast Internet trips via Wi-Fi or HSDPA are just a formality for the HD2. This also applies to the 5-megapixel camera.

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The HD2 is one of the best business phone with Microsoft platform, also offers a capacitive touch screen as the first Windows Smart phone and secures the sixth rank in our currently Leaderboard-and is worth to us the HTC HD of a recommendation. Well, the tremendous facilities has its price, but just professional Windows fans don’t come around to the all-rounder.