“Shot On iPhone 6”: Artists Parody Apple Campaign

Apple’s advertising for the camera of the iPhone 6 is currently in many cities around the world to see: “Pictures taken with the iPhone” is the slogan for artistic-looking shots of the community, which are exhibited on giant posters. The crying after a parody of two artists from San Francisco have now implemented into action.

Pablo Rochat and Fabio Benedetto called therefore simply their own action in life, which they have dubbed simply “with the iPhone 6 recorded”. The two bathroom Selfies put instead successful snapshots and exciting landscape shots.

Shot On iPhone 6 Artists Parody Apple Campaign-2

With Shaving Cream And Sunglasses

Their works printed out at poster size and placed them within sight of the official Apple posters – but in the same format and with the same slogan of the real iPhone 6 advertising. So, then as a winking self shot of an overweight Lady in the negligee emblazoned right next to the iPhone-6 version of Caspar David Friedrich “The Wanderer”.

On another image of inclined photographer has photographed naked is even up on a pair of sunglasses – greased but from top to bottom with shaving cream. What else was thinking of the American artist duo, it presents on its own Tumblr blog. And the moral of the story: it is always important, how to use a tool like the iPhone 6 camera.

Shot On iPhone 6 Artists Parody Apple Campaign-1