Shades of Brown Hair Color

Special hair color 2016: here are the shades of Brown that will move on cuts and hairstyles trends in 2016. Bronde, Cherry, chocolate, coffee bombrè, ombre and many other innovative colours of castano, the hottest color of the year!

First of all, as soon as you discover the hair color trends-2016 as in castano and its nuances, don’t be dismayed by the abstruse names. Yes, that’s right, they’re called bronde, bombrè and stuff like that, but what I must concern is that they are beautiful and very innovative!

Therefore, when you choose the 2016 Brown shade that you like and that fits to your complexion, show it to your hair salon, which will prepare the right blend of dark brown, red, blond and lightening to make your chosen color.

But we come to brown’s tendencies of 2016: bronde is a mix of brown and blonde color that allows you to realize a nuance between different gradations. There are darker and lighter bronde depending on the amount of blond used, as ask4beauty says.

Big news of the year is the cherry-coloured with Brown, in what is called the cherry bombrè: a bewitching color that closely resembles a succulent chocolate. In this case, is very dark brown and shades are pink cherry or strawberry.

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Then there are the shadows and deep brown ombre, a delightful retelling of highlights, shatush and degrade used this time not only on the tips but on the whole the foliage and intensely to light brown. The root must remain still dark!

And finally thel almost-black, which is an intense, deep brown, perfect olive skin complexions, on those very clear and on to a firm and as such as Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, just to give some clear examples!