Setting a Table with Placemats

Placemats replace the towels and are found in different versions.

Assigning charm to the table at mealtimes is one of the functions of placemats. The parts can replace the towels and can place plates, cutlery and glasses. The product also ensures the integrity of the table, since hot containers are not placed directly on the surface.

The models cater to different needs. If you wish to purchase spare parts, keep the individual place. To ensure equal products – the set is generally composed of up to four parts. If the idea is to use it in the comfort off the table, keep the model to the couch.

Carefully review other characteristics, such as size and shape, which can be rectangular or round. The colors and prints should also be taken into account when you hit full in the decor. With the original themes that the online shop has in store for you, this will be an easy task. A simple tip about what makes the difference is to play with the prints to make the most cheerful and inviting look. Check out our options and have a good shopping.

Cleaning placemats

Just as there are a variety of models of placemats, there are different materials of which the products are made. PVC, polyester and bamboo should be cleaned only with a damp cloth and mild soap, avoiding abrasive products.

The cotton version can be washed normally. However, it is recommended to wash by hand to avoid damaging the product. And to extend the life of your placemats, do not place containers that are at high temperature.