Sertanejo Style!

Women are crazy for clothes, shoes and accessories (in fact, for everything right?!), since most men don’t care much for it if you let me use the same shirt and pants for a week… kkkkkk! But for every rule there’s an exception and if your boyfriend is different and care about fashion, trends and the like, it costs nothing to invest in some more modern parts.

If the man does the style stripped, you can opt for a printed t-shirt. If it’s tidy, a slim-cut shirt is a good way out. If it is sport, can be a favorite team. Now, if he loves being in fashion and enjoy a country ballad how about investing in a beautiful Plaid Shirt and a pair of jeans? Or a nice Hat? A polo shirt? Belts and shoes also make all the difference!

O sertanejo Universitario has won more and more space in Brazil and Campo Grande is one of the largest barns of those talents. The capital of Mato Grosso do Sul is famous for its nightclubs and hinterland, that are always out and about! And nothing better to enjoy a night country a look full of character and style!