Sending a Message to Mark Zuckerberg: Pay $ 100 to Facebook

It is always: when Facebook releases some new functionality or changes in the layout of the pages, a huge group of people claiming the news. Have you ever thought to send these complaints directly to Mark Zuckerberg? This is possible: paying no less than $ 100, you ensure that your message will reach the inbox of the CEO of Facebook.

Today, if you want to send a message through Facebook to someone who is not in your friends list, it will fall in the Other folder. Few take the trouble to check that folder regularly and the chance of your message will never be read is too large. In December, Facebook began testing a feature that allows you to “cheat” and send a message directly to the inbox a user simply by paying a fee of $ 1.

It seems that the shipping charge will vary, but it is not yet clear what will be the criteria used to set the value. The price can not be too high, since no one would use the resource, but also can not be too low because it would encourage spammers activity on Facebook. The Mashable says that at the moment, you can only receive a “paid” per week.

The feature is already being tested by several users, but apparently he has not yet come to the Brazilians. If you do not usually check the Other folder of your box of Facebook messages, it’s good to take a look now and see if you have not lost any offer of work or a chance to become a millionaire.

And of course, you can still send a message to the Zuck without paying anything: just visit the page it on Facebook, click the Message button and write your little message. However, since it has more than 16 million followers, it is very likely that your message is lost on the cake and never be seen.