See How to Make The Planned Kitchen Even More Practice

The way to better organize the kitchen is thinking about how the tools will be used daily

Many dream of the planned kitchen, because it helps in the day-to-day practicality and let the environment with the resident. But there are little details that require attention to functionality and organization in this room.

The best way to organize the kitchen is forming a triangle layout, putting in each of the tips to the fridge, the sink and the stove. But why is that anyway? To form a working triangle, ensure more comfort in this area and leave all the hand, especially if the total distance between the imaginary lines of the call from the sink, refrigerator and stove do not exceed six metres.

If this is not possible, organize the kitchen leaving stove and refrigerator on the tips and the sink between them, in a row.  This avoids the proximity of warm with cold and allows you to be able to access a device without having to pass in front of the other.

Thinking on the furniture designed

The planned mobile have dimensions and regular patterns. If you choose for them, remember that they have standard heights that vary from company to company. This means that if the Cabinet is modulated to 5:00 pm 5 cm, for example, you will have to leave a multiple measure 5 cm between the sink and the masonry base so that it fits right!

Furniture joinery

These are made to order, this means that you can (and should) take advantage of that small corner or take to the top mobile on the ceiling. You can think of every detail.

Eye on appliances

It is important that you consult the manual of the appliance, since in addition to the measures of the equipment it is common to have recommendation of spaces around them for ventilation when are in niches or embedded. For example, cooktops should have a minimum clearance below countertop to allow a clearance for ventilation and it varies with each model.

Accessories that help

The way to better organize the kitchen is thinking about how they will be used daily. Keep your closets organized is not easy, but some accessories and tools can help. See more tips on organization at

So, it is necessary to think about the placement of utensils, in drawers, in niches, doors and shelves.

You can opt for adjustable shelves and narrow shelves in addition to hooks that will organize that small space.

The Spice holder, towel rack, drawers for Cookware, cutlery dividers for and even door-plates for drawers (Yes, they exist!) help better organize the closets.

The Sockets

Put a good number of outlets in the areas of work. Make a list of the appliances and electronics that will be in your environment and determine where they are going to be. If you have not taken or if the height is wrong please correct before installing beautiful flooring that you chose.

Look in the manual in which the position that should be taken. Especially, when it is built, because it sometimes has to be taken out of the niche!

Don’t forget the specific outlets of some appliances that require separate circuits. And remember that there are options of different diameters for taken and that some devices will only fit in the larger (20 amps).

Run away from common errors

-Put a socket on the sink and have to cut part of the pediment (that granite finish against the wall above the sink). Not to miss, calculate the height of the outlet so that it is above the pediment or Fronton taller so that the socket is inside him.

-Put a socket low and then have to use an extension or drill holes in the furniture to climb the wall socket. For example, to the microwave, install the socket on height of the niche or the shelf that you intend to put it.

– Do not leave enough space on the furniture, to install flush-mounted ovens or cooktops, for example. Sometimes, the granite countertop doesn’t have enough depth to these appliances.