Seamless Bra and Panties for Pregnancy

Seamless wait panty (2 pairs)

2 pair wait panties that is designed for use before, during and after your pregnancy. Skirt is elastic so the shapes itself according to your forms and without tight. Skirt is without annoying seams and is the next invisible under clothes.

Seamless Bra and Panties for Pregnancy

Seamless bra set for the best comfort, you will love them.

Seamless wait g-string panty

Pregnancy-waiting support panty in g-strings model. Skirt is of different materials so that they both support the stomach and back. With support skirt from Carriwel you will not have to wait for the constricting panty edge under the belly. Mikrofibermaterialet makes the panties comfortable and stretchy, so they follow the body and can “grow with the stomach”.

Treat yourself to the delicious wait panties!

Eco. seamless comfort panties

Organic comfort seamless panties that has two functions; used during pregnancy by having them under the belly or as post-natal comfort panties. Skirt is made from organic cotton which is perfect for the most intimate and sensitive spots. Skirt has just benudskæringer that gives maximum comfort stretch. Dont miss the feel soft, cool and comfortable against your skin.
The pair of panties you should give yourself!

Seamless post-natal panties

This silky soft seamless postpartum panty is designed for tightening of the stomach and buttocks after birth. Skirt is without annoying seams and can also advantageously used in the beginning of pregnancy. Using elastisiteten in the drug makes you gently lifts your buttocks and flattens your stomach so you look more slender.
Beautiful feminine g-strengstrusse to you and your stomach!

Pregnancy Thong (2 Pack)

RESIDUAL-PARTY: Wait panties (2 pairs, white and black), fit while you are pregnant and just after birth. The panties have a cute printing. The panties have a high content of cotton-all 95% cotton and 5% spandex which ensures a perfect fit.
The pair of panties you should give yourself!

Pregnancy Thong (g-string)

Panty of a nice soft quality that follows your stomach during early pregnancy. G-strings panty is the last from a large residual-party
Treat yourself to the delicious pregnancy panties!