Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has ensured that no plans to license the operating system from RIM for use on their smartphones. The statement, which proved an immediate negative impact on the actions of the Canadian manufacturer, is a reaction to what the CEO of RIM, in an interview published earlier in the week.

Thorsten Heins had indicated in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that RIM had no intentions of using third-party software platforms in their equipment, but otherwise could be a chance. Without advance great detail, the Manager admitted he was on study the possibility of RIM pass to license the operating system your mobile to third parties, as does Microsoft with Windows Phone or as with Android, which is also used in equipment from different manufacturers.

In the interview, Samsung’s name was even used as an example of a manufacturer that adopted a multiplatform strategy that might be interested in the proposal. The company uses Android on most of their products. Also uses the your own platform, bada and already has planned new models with the next version of Windows Phone, which anticipates an enhanced commitment to the Microsoft platform like a used smartphone defined on

However, the company ensures that there’s no intention to incorporate into their equipment operating system that RIM has developed for the BlackBerry, if this possibility will exist in the future. The Korean manufacturer took the opportunity to say that you’re not interested in purchasing the kidney, how good are some rumors.

RIM has sought to convince shareholders and the market that the rumors that put the path of bankruptcy are fake, but the poor results and the successive delays in launching new products do not help the most optimistic forecasts.

The lack of interest from Samsung in using your software also shows that the strategy to open the BlackBerry OS to third parties may be doomed to failure, given that the three most important manufacturers of the Smartphone market are out of the picture. Besides Samsung, Nokia is committed to Windows Phone and the Apple with your own operating system, iOS.