Samsung Slim Cover for Galaxy SIII. Analyze It Images

One concerns compulsory when we bought a new mobile, and the most annoying, is the choice of the different accessories, such as the protective case. We saw all the offer of accessories officers for this smartphone in detail, now we are going for these options which allows Samsung to protect our Galaxy SIII, Slim Cover.

And it is when we look for a cover, you have to know the greater possible balance between price, protection and design, that among the hundreds of offers from dozens of brands often can be knockout before a purchase which may not be as satisfactory as you are looking for. This is especially so when purchasing online or are not tested before you buy.

Slim Cover, protects your lives by keeping its thinness

In general, brands of telephony seems to be obsessed with the thinness of their phones. In particular, Samsung has decided to release their own housing, under the premise of maintaining that thickness as low as possible, cover included, with the Slim Cover.

The cover in question, comes in a Double Pack, each with a recorded pattern different, but fundamentally the same. One has the lines etched, and the other as rhombuses. In this case we have tested the white, since I went better with the design of this model, but It is also available in a blue shade, something wrong for my taste.

As I said, the key feature of this case, unlike the rest I’ve found out there is the thickness. It’s a cover that just adds 0.5 mm to our smartphone without edges or edges which, while it may expose the screen is “ as if not take nothing & #8221;.

However, due to this extreme care in thinness, there are occasions in which it can be uncomfortable attach the phone due to its smooth finish, unlike the Galaxy SII. This cover considerably improves grip, for example facilitating the taking of pictures with one hand.

Another important detail of the case, and also supplementing other lack of Galaxy SIII against Galaxy SII, is the presence of the notch cord, You can see in detail above. Personally I’m not used to tie mobile to nothing, but it is a detail which can be very useful, and go unnoticed if not to use it.

In general, it’s a case that protects your smartphone without bulking practically anything, improving the quality of use. Personally the feeling that has given me is very positive, above any other that has been tested. In terms of its availability, can start to find it already itself both in online stores such as physical in a pack of two unit with a price that you can set on the 10-20 euros. I leave you a gallery of images to detail below, or you can take a look at all accessories Samsung officers.

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