Samsung Galaxy SIII “Pebble Blue” Is Delayed Officially by Problems with His Cap Back

At the end is confirmed, and is the official silence of the Korean giant Samsung had us a little messed up. Samsung Galaxy SIII, which yesterday began his official career for our markets, will not be available initially in two expected colors because version “ pebble blue ” have a problem with the coloration of its back cover.

The new flagship of Samsung will be available only in white during their first two or three weeks of life, and now we already handle official information from the manufacturer, that it has had to come to the fore to silence rumors and avoid even more is acrecentasen:

Version Pebble Blue of the Samsung GALAXY S III has a new blue color in a material with a special hiperbarnizado. To get top quality that we demand in a way to reach domestic and to provide the GALAXY S III with the best possible quality to our customers, is expected to be shortages of the Pebble Blue version in some regions over the next 2-3 weeks.

Samsung is working hard to ensure that all customers who wish to the blue model can have it as soon as possible.

As it has been rumored, and as you can see in the image below, the back cover shows irregularities in their coloration, so Samsung had to destroy some 600,000 rear covers that would be suffering of this previously unknown problem.

The image that you see has been obtained by MobileBulgaria, who has received a test unit in blue in which have been able to detect the problem and publish images, in which You can see a few white markings from certain angles of vision.

In this case, and despite the initial frustration of customers who wanted it in blue, Samsung has successful with his decision to delay the release, and it is that submitting it to the shops with this problem would have meant having to subsequently change all these back covers with the disadvantage that users and the huge expenditure which would in new shipments.

We hope that this time Yes, Korean manufacturer You can meet deadlines and is capable of supplying all markets that have been left without drives Pebble Blue in the next two weeks.