Samsung Galaxy S5: Little Revolutionary Sequel

Waiting for an upcoming iPhone, Samsung’s new mobile badge will be the spotlight this year. Although it incorporates some improvements, it is not a leap forward with respect to Galaxy S4, but only a small step. It costs 699 euros and is already for sale in Spain.

Protagonist in the last Mobile World Congress, the new Samsung smart phone as described in itypeusa counts (as always) with the advantage of attracting spotlights and headlines.

Soon we will have the results of the laboratory, but at the moment it seems that there is little novelty to tell.The S5 is not a revolution but atenuous evolution from the Galaxy S4.

The director of Marketing of Samsung Spain,Francisco Hortigüela, was sincere before the questions of OCU: “This is not a disruptive product, it is not something that you can say that is completely different”.

It costs 699 euros and is already for sale in Spain.

Improvements That Do Not Impress

Although Samsung insists on selling it as a compendium of 5 elements, actually only 4 are truly relevant:

Design:Although virtually identical to the Galaxy S4, they have used a more rugged polycarbonate material that should make it less slippery.The screen is a bit (0.1 inches) larger than the S4, staying at5.1 inches.They also ensure that the battery has improved and will withstand 12 hours of Internet … but it will have to be tested.

Camera: Ithas 3 megapixels more than the S4 (stays at16 megapixels) and has improved the autofocus to make it faster (according to Samsung, 0.3 seconds).

Connectivity: Of course it is a LTE smartphone ready to navigate in4G, but also promise significant improvements in WiFi and in the management of downloads.

Resistance: Following the wake of the Sony Xperia Z, it is dust and waterproof.It is IP67 certified, which allows it to be immersed in water under certain conditions of time and depth.Moraleja: one thing is to wet it (you can do it) and another to dive with your smartphone (do not do it).

The S5 has a fingerprint reader so your finger is the only password in mobile payments.Interesting and useful, but we will have to see to what extent it is safe and if people are encouraged to use it.

In the purely anecdotal section is the “fifth element” of the S5.