Samsung Galaxy Nexus Comes to Spain by €649

After many questions about the price of the terminal and its consequent availability in Spain, the next Google, manufactured by the renowned manufacturer Samsung phone, you already have a place where you can get for free When you arrive at the old continent.

Thanks to the valuable notice of our reader RaulGC, we can already define the price of this terminal, at least in the recognized chain of stores for mobile telephony and technology The Phone House, price that very likely have equal the rest of surfaces. At the moment only the price of the terminal which sells free-form, found by now have not seen prices of subsidy by an operator, but you can be achieved with both Orange and Telstra, which have not shown their price.

The terminal appears in page 32 of November catalog that just came out few hours ago, and the price for which one you can purchase the new Google phone is of 599€, that will sell for free, making a price outside the promotion of €649, minus €50 the price which will be later.

A priori it is a very acceptable price by Google terminal, while others already outweigh it in hardware, although we make sure that the terminal will have many mimes from the company of Mountain View updating it as possible, as it could well make the Nexus One and which will enjoy the Nexus S, as well as being the first to power enjoying this new dessert of Google that created so much excitement and so many news has shown.