Samsung Explains How the Soundbar Resets Experience of Watching TV

Much is said to enhance the experience of watching TV, with more detailed images in TVs and 4 k in hyper-realistic images of TVs with quantum dots. This evolution also happens to improve the audio experience.

In addition to the acclaimed Home Theater, which brings the experience of cinema into the home, the Soundbar has emerged as a more compact and practical alternative for people who do not give up to feel the vibration of the explosion in an action movie, or have a surround audio to hear songs from Sm artphone.

Samsung clarifies all questions about technology soundbar, designed to improve the audio quality of flat screen TVs and deliver an even better result for consumers.

What is Soundbar?

The soundbar are specific products that enhance and extend the ability of audio volume of televisions and replace the speakers of a conventional home theater system, indicated for people who seek a solution pr and also that occupies less space than home traditional theater.

The soundbar is composed of two pieces, a bar with several speakers to emit high-pitched sounds and medium, and the second part is the subwoofer, which is responsible for playing the sounds of explosions in movies or create audible involvement in time to play a song. There are options of soundbar with wireless subwoofer, which facilitates the installation of the equipment.


The soundbar is designed to be positioned too close to the tv, whether on the wall or on a mobile. This facility is given by the design, compact and discreet with just two pieces. The soundbar is ideal for those who do not give up the best audio for TV, but at the same time you don’t want several boxes scattered around the House.

Can I connect the soundbar in which equipment?

The soundbar stands out for easy connectivity to other equipment such as TVs, smart phones, among others. These devices rely on different types of connections, allowing you to choose the best option for each case. The devices have connections for optical cable, HDMI, Bluetooth and P2 (input for connection of headphones accessory), varying according to the soundbar model.

Another major facility is the fact a soundbar from Samsung to be connected together with a Samsung TV that is compatible with the TV Sound Connect feature, automatically recognizes the soundbar, allowing the connection between the two in a matter of seconds and completely wirelessly between the TV and the stereo. Bluetooth connectivity is very used to play music applications of a smartphone, but with the sound of wrapping a soundbar.

Sleek, simplistic and easy connectivity between multiple devices is that the audience that loves search sound by purchasing a soundbar. That’s why the Samsung brings not only technological innovation, but the translation of the most modern in sound attached to image technology.

The company is increasingly investing in news to provide a clear, crisp sound and immersive, everything to complement the user experience using a single solution. This technology and many new features will be presented to the Australian public soon.

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