Rolled up Pants Trend

Until very recently the flap to jeans was banished from our wardrobe, you know that will be trendy this spring-summer 2012. As fashions change very quickly: if the cuffed jeans was a style intended for more casual look, from streetwear to avoid above all that, in denim pants too long, impeded our steps, it is now a trend more to follow, be glamorous and trendy as the star. In fact, we will have to wear them just like them!

If this spring-summer 2012 we have seen a great return of the floral prints of the sixties, as well as the trend will be particularly the leaders who are declined in the chic navy style, to sensual and feminine marinarette, know that we will also begin to roll the our jeans. A trend that will take us very strong in both the spring days, with long pants, and when will the ‘summer, with shorter and fresh solutions to deal with even the most style hot temperatures.

The technical term is cuffed jeans, in perfect American style, and can easily be combined with many types of shoes , as well as a casual look but also more chic. The celebrities all over the world, in fact, they are decorated with style and with heels shoes stiletto dizzying, to bring out the shoes that otherwise would remain hidden, either sneakers or ultra flat ballerinas, to show thin ankles would envy. It will also be thinner entire leg, since this model trouser suits all the physical, to make leaner and more slender figure, with a simple gesture and without much effort.

The style comes to us directly from the sportsqna offering maternity pants and infects both pants rolled up at the ankle, both shorts much shorter, casual chic look that will be extremely trendy when combined with other seasonal trends like stripes, flowers, fluorescent colors and many still others.

Among the most prominent star that we have admired with these outfits we have the ubiquitous Olivia Palermo, anticipating styles and trends we’re going to wear, but alsoSarah Jessica Parker, who has really learned a lot in those years on the set of Sex and the City as well as the beautiful Petra Ecclestone, Miranda Kerr, Sharon Stone, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and even Kim Kardashian with a truly unique look!

We just have to admire the looks of the stars who have worn jeans rolled up in these early days of hot, to understand how to wear and what to combine them, to be always on top: In our gallery you can see some of them look that Forward-thinking celebrities and attentive to the trends of the season we have already shown.

And you as you wear this trend that we find absolutely fantastic?