Roger Federer Tennis Legend

Roger Federer was the earlier such a small boy who went to banana bark and swear. Frequently it happened that a racket went flying through the air. Trainers saw always sit in Roger. He had a lot of talent. Today Roger Federer dominated men’s tennis pretty much alone. He is on the job and elsewhere has become a true gentleman. Roger Federer grew up in a suburb of Basel. With both his parents and his older sister. Roger learned to speak three languages fluently. It now he still gets his advantage, everywhere he can make himself understood and at the press conference why he comes across as a gentleman. He currently lives in Oberwil with his girlfriend Mirka. Besides tennis, he loves many other sports such as cricket and table tennis.Roger a few years ago, also has its own Fund, which supports disadvantaged children in South Africa, he is also an Ambassador for Unicef and runs her own cosmetics line.

Roger Federer in tennis

Roger Federer played already in 1998 at the age of 16 for the first ATP tournament. In the junior circuit he dominated when he dominates now in world tennis. He won both the Wimbledon youth tournament like the U.S. Open. In 1999, for the first time, he represents his country in the Davis Cup. He also completed one year of in the top 100.
February 2001 Roger had finally captured his first ATP victory. He won the tournament in Milan. But this year actually came big break by the Swiss. In the 4th round of Wimbledon, he was against Pete Sampras, the Wimbledon champion and a great tennislegend. He won the match in a legendary five-setter of the US. In 2002, he won four ATP titles but no Grand Slams. This happened in 2003, when he won Wimbledon and Australian Mark Philippoussis defeated. Then went like a train and wrote the victory after victory to his palmares. Al 3 x, he won the most prestigious tournament in the Down Under. In London, he won already 5 years in a row on the sacred grass at Wimbledon. In New York, where Roger Federer already 4 times the strongest. What is striking is that he still doesn’t have a victory and that is the final victory of the crushed brick at Roland Garros. Twice he took it to the final battle, but he found 2 x Rafael Nadal on the way. There is a small stain on the impressive honor roll of the Swiss.

Is Federer the best ever?

Federer has a lot of respect from other tennis’s. But Federer is the best ever? You would say no, because he has not won the Grand Slam as Peter Sampras and he has not won all four Grand Slams. In addition, much less in the days of McEnroe and Borg race. But Sampras said recently that Roger comes to talent by far the greatest player of all time. Federer makes his personality such grandeur. Never see him throw his racket, is always in the press neatly words and the job he oozes class, the silence and the control. Fanta Extremist to see. When asked to Federer the best we will ever waiting. Until he has finished his career. Voorloping but the Swiss still have some years to prove that he is the best ever.One thing is for sure. He is already a legend.