Road Test: Nissan Scratch Shield Self-Healing Iphone Case

Scratch me!
The paint surface of the scratch shield case for iphone uses a color technology that repairs fine scratches himself. The company in part of a beta test at a meeting in dubai, distributed the first 100 prototypes of the protective coating. The smartphone should look more new thanks to the protection and grippier feels.

Scratch shield in the practice test

COMPUTER image earned one and has to create made right with the enclosed wire brush it. Result: With slight scratches can be seen too, as they simply disappear (see image gallery). You need patience, however, deep scratches. The surface is easy to grip and solid. With your fingernail, you get no scratches clean.

Nissan scratch shield here the scratches disappear by itself!

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Nissan has developed a protective case for the iphone, repair the scratches yourself. How does the miracle paint, see here. Miracle paint nissan scratch shield technology for cars
nissan 2005 in cooperation with the university of tokyo and advanced soft material inc. Developed the scratch shield paint it is already available for the nissan 370Z, a european premiere, however, is the use in the smartphone sector. The goal is there according to nissan to create a robust and durable paint surface as well as a sheath that is particularly tight. The surface has a gel-like properties and pieces within minutes or hours small scratches. The paint needed for larger scratches up to one week. Demand nissan is planning the launch of scratch shield case for iphone models 4 and 4S have 2012.

Update: 16.2.2012: No wonder

Who has seen how minor scratches within minutes as if by magic disappear, is thrilled. For deeper scratches, nissan claims a self healing time of one week. We have left the case three weeks for regeneration. The result of slowing down the initial euphoria, because deeper damage, the alleged miracle cover reaches its limits. While the scratches are softened and barely noticeable, but remain clearly visible flaws. Still this technique fascinating.