Ride of Hope

Road: Ride of Hope celebrates its five year anniversary by asking a really strong team on the starting line in the bike race next Saturday. Magnus Bäckstedt, Christopher Stevenson and Alexander Gingsjö are some of the cyclists that together would beat Fåglums old record of 6.42 around the big lake.

Ride of Hope continues to conquer the cycling Australia with their collection to the children’s cancer Fund, and this year a total of nine different starting groups in bike race.
Magnus Bäckstedts group is the last out of the starting field, and consists of a total of 29 cyclists Ride under the same flag of Hope powered by Cyclecomponents.
About half of these are elite and former professional cyclists who together taking up the challenge to clean the old record time.
The other half of the startup group will run for a more humane goal.

“When we were forced to set the anniversary party Ride of Hope in Mantorp, we wanted to do something else to draw attention to the fact that the Ride of Hope turns five this year. To then be able to put these names on the starting line in Vätternrundan really feels great, “said Billy Ydefjäll, project manager at the children’s cancer Foundation.

The team will start at 10.30 am on Saturday, a bike race June 16.

Ride of Hope powered by Cyclecomponents:

Alexander Amprazis
Riggert Anderson
Susanne B
Anders Bruun
Magnus Backstedt
Peter Carlsson
Tennce Carlsson
John Dahlgren
Joachim Easthope
Alexander Gingsjö
Andrew G
Niklas Gustavsson
Tomas Hektor
Freddy Johansson
Fredrik Johansson
Daniel Johnson
Cecilia Kores
Louise Kores
Marcus L
Robert L
Ove Nilsson
Chris Opie
Markus Porath
Christopher Stevenson
Johan Svensson
Tomaz Vestman
Ted Ridge
Jimmy Östholm
Per-Håkan Östman

Children’s cancer Foundation will be in place in both Vätternhelgerna.
In this year’s collection have Ride of Hope has already reached 960 000 which can be compared to a little over one million dollars for the whole of last year.

Stage race Ride of Hope going in August again this year, and notifications are more than ever.
“We have already notified to the entire route 91, which is nearly doubling since last year. We also expect more than before to individual stages, “said Billy Ydefjäll.