Review: Tablet Dl X-Pro 7

The zilian manufacturer DL has several models of tablets available in the domestic market. However, few seem to have such good configurations for an entry-level model as the DL X-Pro 7 handset , released in April. With a 7-inch screen, the product features an Intel Atom dual-core processor of 1.2 GHz.

The tablet reaches the market for the price of $ 449, a competitive value within its category. Although DL is not a well-known manufacturer of the public, Intel’s strategy is to market as many devices as possible with its processor, and because of that, the manufacturer seems to be a good gateway.

Is it really worth investing your money in DL’s X-Pro model? Our product impressions are what you now see in this review.


According to, the X-Pro tablet, released by DL, is the result of a partnership with Intel. Because of this, already in the packaging it is possible to notice the great presence of the company, highlighting the fact that the product comes with an Atom processor shipped. The blue color also gives the tone of the design of the device.

Its format does not escape the rule of the main products of the category and there is nothing innovative. A kind of blue ribbon wraps around the tablet, whose thickness is just over a centimeter. On the right side are the power and volume control buttons. At the top are all the connectors: headphone jack, micro SD card slot and power cord input.

With an anatomical footprint, the model weighs 334 grams carcase and, if it is not among the lightest of the category, also does not make ugly in this question. The edges around the screen are wide-1.5 centimeters on each side and 2 centimeters at the base and top. They could be smaller, but because they are harmonic, they do not compromise the look.

Screen quality

With a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, the X-Pro’s 7-inch TFT LCD does not convey a very intense brightness even when it is set to maximum. Although the lower resolution during use does not significantly compromise performance in apps, there are other factors that negatively influence the usability of the product.

The first one is the viewing angle of the screen. Simply tilt the device sideways, up or down to notice a sharp distortion of color or even a complete darkening of the screen. In addition, in sunlight, the level of reflections is high, which makes the device an uninteresting option for outdoor reading.

Another concern of the consumer in low-cost tablets is the quality of the screen with respect to the response to the touches. In the DL model, we do not perceive any kind of problem in this sense, with commands running smoothly and without delay in response time.


Perhaps the main differential of the X-Pro DL model is that it has an Intel Atom Z2520 Clovertrail 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. In addition, the 1 GB RAM makes the device compatible with The vast majority of apps available on the Play Store.

In our tests, we did not notice any problems in the transition between applications or even changing screens. Games such as FIFA 2014, Subway Surfers and Angry Birds ran smoothly on the device. Obviously, slightly heavier titles should suffer a little more in execution, but it is worth remembering that this is not the proposal of the device.

Broadly, all apps related to social networks or even work functions, such as text editors and spreadsheets, run smoothly and without major problems. These features are sufficient to meet the needs of most consumers. However, keep an eye on another item: we do not know whether or not there will be an update for the Android version.


The DL tablet does not have a rear-facing camera for photos, so comparing the quality of your images with cameras from other tablets does not make much sense. If you are looking for a device like this that also serves to take photos when you travel or meet with your friends, the X-Pro model is not the best choice.

However, there is a front camera for those who want to make videoconferences. With 2 megapixels of resolution, it caters well to the needs of this task, since the image quality required during the conversations is considerably less.

Battery life

We did not have any kind of surprise in this matter. With a capacity of 3.000 mAh, the device is within the average of the other competitors with regard to energy consumption. The screen with a slightly lower resolution, added to the low consumption provided by Intel processors, causes the battery to last between 4 and 5 hours in heavy use.

For moderate use, your energy capacity is able to handle a whole day’s work. For those who use the tablet more to access the internet, social networks and emails, it is possible to get along with it and leave the house without having to carry the charger. It’s nothing exceptional, but it does well within your proposal.

Audio quality

DL’s X-Pro tablet, as well as many in its price range, is not accompanied by headphones. Because of this, if you are thinking of buying it, already separate one to use on your new device. For those who want to use the product with ambient sound, we also have bad news.

The quality of audio leaves a lot to be desired and, even at maximum volume, it is impossible to escape the sensation of a muffled and low quality sound. Bass and treble are not differentiated clearly, so the best solution is to even use the device with headphones. In this case, the quality is not compromised.

Extra Features

The DL’s X-Pro tablet comes with an included OTG cable in the box. When it is plugged into the micro USB port of the device, it becomes possible to transfer files directly  from a USB stick to the tablet. Through the available file managers, you can easily access content saved on removable devices.

In terms of software, there are few exclusive news on the device. McAfee Security antivirus, Kingsoft Office application suite and Astro file manager are among the pre-installed apps that can be used by the consumer.

Worth it?

The Dl X-Pro tablet comes to the Brazilian market with the price of $ 449, an affordable value even for an entry model. Although the brand is little known, the quality of the device surprised us positively, especially due to the use of the dual-core Intel Atom processor.

The impression we have is that Intel had participation in the design of the device, which undoubtedly brought a quality gain also to DL. With good battery life, efficient performance for the main tasks and even compatibility with an OTG cable, the DL model meets the needs of the vast majority of consumers, especially those who are looking for a better product.

There are still some issues to be resolved, such as poor audio quality and the low-resolution screen that, at times, may detract from viewing content. However, at the end of the day, you can consider buying the DL tablet as a good investment, since on most tasks it does very well. If you do not want to spend a lot on a device, it’s worth considering X-Pro in your searches.