Renew The Closet: Check Out Ideas To Customize And Give New Functions To

They say the year only starts after Carnival. Because now is the time to give a new face to visual and House decoration. Better still is spending little on versatile pieces, or exploring what you already have in your closet. We give a hand! Check out the tips to maximize your betting options in key parts and embarking on the “do it yourself” with creativity and style.

Customize now!

The customise parts is a great way to reinvent his looks – and still confers uniqueness. There are tags in Porto Alegre that specialize in giving a new face to parts, such as Handmade Heaven and Humans, Aliens, which also accept & works.

But it is also fun place to work and do it yourself. Check out three tips to get started:

· motifs, patches are champions of late night games to apply and are available on numerous websites and shops. Go well with just about everything, especially items in jeans, t-shirts, caps, sneakers and backpacks. Want to try something different? Look in your wardrobe pieces of Pinstripe tailoring and break the seriousness by applying patches.

· brooches and pins are a quick way to give an up in his plays. Removable, allow numerous variations: move, add, take … There are no rules, but get different prints with a color chart is a simple way to start. The buttons look good on items with sports like tennis more footprint (especially the old All Star/Talk), backpacks, bags, caps and, of course, jeans jackets-cute line the shoulders or collar. You find superbacanas options on sites like Pandora t-shirts, Renner Yolo, but also worth and panning in thrift shops.

· If the idea is to paint, look in the closet with natural fibre fabric pieces, like jeans and cotton. There are special paints for cotton, that can be purchased in haberdashery (which also sell items to embroider, as beads and stones). With the material in place, it is worth doing or splash, if you enable, create your own drawing. A warning: the synthetic fabrics require more technique to have a good finish.

Custom Handmade dress Sky parka ADA, Lu Accessories Design and Tennis Shoes Raymond Vinci.

Custom vest Humans & Aliens, Shield Maiden t-shirt, skirt GVerri, earring, bracelet OFF accessories, Côté purse and handbag strap Yolo Schutz

Versatile classics

Classical pieces are always a good investment: never go out of fashion and make it possible to create different looks with items that you already have in the wardrobe. Check out how a pencil skirt and a wide can be based on different productions. So, enjoy the Liquid Porto Alegre and throw yourself.

Pencil skirt

This classic from ballad to a superinformal event. To make nice at night, combine with body strap and heels. If the proposal is a casual look, bet on t-shirt, vest overzised and sneakers.

Body Cyann for OAK-One of a Kind, skirt Studio s.a, earring and bracelet Lu Raymond Design Yolo and ankleboot Anzetutto.

T-shirt Le GVerri vest, skirt Hug, Studio S.A., Chocker Lu Raymond Design, Vijay’s backpack, sneakers

Jeans Pant

Combined with body, denim jacket and mirrored glasses, the classic jeans Pant is perfect for a weekend look. If you use it with a more sophisticated fabric blouse, as income, jewelry and a clutch, be ready for a dinner or a more formal occasion.

Body Veesh, OAK jacket-One of a Kind, pants Mary Lint. Fendi glasses, Necklace, bag and shoes Côté Yolo Schutz

Turn your pieces

Have you ever thought about a piece of clothing that turns into several other, multiplying your options of looks? There are brands such as Ominimo and the Nuz Demi Couture that create thinking about the possibilities of transformation: for example, a skirt that turns into a cover or a sweater that can be worn as skirt that allows several types of moorings, resulting in different modeling, or a shirt that allows 25 types of cleavage. This skirt the Nuz turns into the cover, while the Ominimo turns blouse skirt. An interesting way to have more pieces in your closet to the price of one.

Ominimo, NUZ skirt blouse Demi Couture necklace Côté, shoe Vinci Shoes.

Julianna shirt, NUZ Demi Couture cover Fraccaro, Ominimo skirt, earring Côté and Vinci shoe Shoes

Change only the accessories

Accessories have the power to transform your production without requiring major investments. To illustrate, we create a casual look and another for work, just changing bijoux, bags and shoes. And the best: all parts cost up to 100 R$. Notice how a bow tie and a Sunglass suggest separate occasions, as well as the Slipper and slide the bag with chain strap.


Envido shirt and trousers Canton. Accessories: glasses 4 Eyes Style ($ 79.90), Yolo earring ($ 69.90), Dressper tie ($ 68), Lu Raimundo ring Design ($ 40), Vijay (R$ 90) and mule Anzetutto.