Remember Second Life? He Has 10 Years and Won Several Updates – Including Support Oculus Rift

Do you remember the last time you entered the Second Life? The real life simulator is like a Sims mixed with MMO in which you can have the look you want, friends who want to fly around and, generally, the only limit was his imagination even. So much so that a lot of people made ​​a lot of money selling items in the world of Second Life in its heyday (and still win) and the hype came to the U2 level to multiple virtual concerts there.

Years after its golden age, the platform is long past time for its height and seems to have simply vanished. But just it seems, as it has a huge fan base today: in June, when the SLcelebrated its first decade, it was reported that 400,000 new accounts were created per month and one million players wandering there monthly. An infographic with more data can be seen here.

To give breath to endure another 10 years, the platform has received a major update that adds a list of seven improvements. The video below lists each and demonstrates how it was:

The most obvious is in the eye: he was no longer the same full of 2000s early corners but is now even more refined, especially in regard to textures and lighting. Who are new to the game also benefited, since the initial experience in the call Welcome Area has been improved, and the communication between players, and now there is the possibility to share moments on Facebook.

But the coolest thing is the compatibility of promise with the Oculus Rift, virtual reality goggles which is probably the most anticipated accessory gamer of all time. As The Verge pointed out, the closest must be to make the Holodeck from Star Trek, reality.