Relaxation during Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a radical change of hormonal, strategies against fatigue and stress, which can lead to anxiety and stress. Therefore, it is important to take your state of mind seriously and to ensure relaxation in pregnancy.

Permanent stress has a direct effect on the uterus and increases the risk of a premature birth, for example.

Nevertheless, there is no cause for concern. You must just try to find your own inner peace.

Make you feel tired and listless during pregnancy, it is enough to adapt a few positive behaviors:

  • Do everything, what gives you pleasure (dinner with girlfriends, fitness hour, shopping tour,…).
  • Talk with other expectant mothers about your feelings, for example a birth preparation courses (or in goFeminin pregnancy Forum).
  • Pregnancy is a very affective and emotional state. As a result, even old unpleasant memories are awake. If you suffer, you should confide in a third person or a psychologist, who can help you.
  • Targeted to take food with anti-stress effect (B -vitamins, complex carbohydrates, …)
  • Save themselves, especially if it is not your first pregnancy.

Must you take care to the older child, his growing baby need breastfeeding and always be available? Your partner has not enough time to care for you and to spoil?

  • Do not overstretch himself and accept your own limitations.
  • Ask your friends and relatives for support.
  • Take the time to eat and to sleep.
  • Restrict the tasks in the budget and spend time with their older child, before the big changeover occurs.

Good-night rules
Often small sleep disorders occur just at the end of the pregnancy.
Baby takes up more and more space in your belly and is active especially at your rest periods. The growing belly presses on the back and the stomach and can cause back pain and heartburn.

You only hard to find relaxation, perhaps suffering from cramps and think with horror at the birth?

What can you do to sleep anyway?
Eat light dinner and generally avoid stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol,…). Deep breath and now already busy practicing the breathing techniques that you have learned in the course of the birth.

Drinking You prior to bed go a cup of Linden tea or hot milk, but take no sleeping pills!

If the sleep disorders become chronic, you should consult your doctor. He can prescribe them light sleeping pills may also homeopathic based, and it can investigate whether other causes underlying the sleep problems.

You may also awake, because you are hungry or you are suddenly bad. These symptoms also occur when the blood glucose is too low (hypoglycemia). Put a little something to eat on the bedside table and eat something, if you.