Refrigerator Custom:See 6 Creative Ideas

See amazing ideas to rearrange to your refrigerator and turn it into a unique piece.

The custom refrigerator has everything to be the center of attention in the kitchen. It adds a colorful touch to an environment which is usually dull and functional. Read the article and check out some really good ideas to customize the appearance of this appliance.

Customize the refrigerator means add a bit of your personal taste in the design of the product. The idea is very useful in the case of a household appliance doc, outdated and with the first rust marks. Not only are the old models of refrigerator that pass through customization, after all, the new can also be customized and turn into unique pieces.

Ideas for custom refrigerator

The House Party & panned some exciting ideas to create a custom refrigerator. Check out:

Fridge stickers

In the market, you can find different adhesives, which vary with the size, material and design. Most popular parts value figures such as cow, chicken and Penguin. However, you can opt for a more creative and original application of adhesive.

There are refrigerator stickers that look up to cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson. The old packaging and retro posters are also great inspirations.

Apply adhesive on the door of the fridge is a great outlet to let the kitchen more colorful and also serves to hide imperfections in the appliance (rust, paint, stains and failure risks).

Application of tissue

Few people know, but the fridge can be customized with the application. That’s right! You just need to choose a material with beautiful print and apply it on the refrigerator door, with the aid of double-sided tape. Instead of customizing the door all the way, it’s worth doing strategic cutouts with fabric. Then, if there is repentance, you can remove the cloth and wipe the stick with specific remover.

Fridge magnets

The fridge magnets made great success in the years 90, as a way to decorate the refrigerator without a lot of work. They can still be found for sale in stores, only now in smaller versions and more behaved. Choose the pieces carefully and make a harmonious composition in the refrigerator door.

Contact paper on the fridge

Customize the refrigerator with contact paper is a trend that is here to stay, but this job requires manual skill to ensure a perfect finish. The material is cheaper than the patch, can be found in different patterns and allows you to create amazing compositions.

The contact paper can be used to create unique patterns, such as zigzag, stripes, triangles and poás. You can also use this material to wrap the entire refrigerator, but be careful not to let the finish with air bubbles.

Painting the fridge

The refrigerator may become the highlight of the kitchen, just you customize it with a vivid colour. Orange, red, blue, yellow and green are some interesting options, to rescue the retro aesthetic and value the appliance. It is possible to leave a refrigerator with vivid colour by applying synthetic solvent-based enamel.

Before painting the fridge with vivid colour, remember to clean the appliance, sand it, apply an oil desengripante get rust and wear a white spray paint to standardize the base.

Refrigerator Whiteboard

The ink Slate has been used extensively in decoration to implement creative ideas, such as custom refrigerator indeed Blackboard. You can paint any appliance with this material, thus creating a large mural of messages. Another tip is to use the texture of slate more subtly, through large magnets or even contact paper.

And there? Already know which idea of custom refrigerator you will put into practice? Comment!