Real Life Looks: Tips For Creating Accessible Versions Of Celebrities

In love with fashion as many of us, the journalist Pam Zottis, 32 years, followed the top bloggers profiles on social networks to stay abreast of trends. Always wondered about, however, the mega complex productions of those impossible to use on a daily basis, so in April last year, without much pretension, posted on your Instagram (@pamzottis) a picture with your look “robbed” of a celebrity.

The game was successful and, since then, have been almost 200 clicks combinations copied and copyable.

-I’m ACE at mining promotions and offers, whether in shops or brand Central. I have a lot of patience even. In some places, until you find something cool, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But there’s always something we can seize and destroy “– indicates.

The site there is little went on to add also the main inspirations shared with its nearly 18000 followers. The very famous that have their looks copied now and enjoy the photos: Fernanda Souza, Mariana Ximenes, Tata Werneck, Cleo Pires and even Lindsay Lohan already gave their “likes”. The most curious was when the model Isabella Fiorentino commented giving tips on how to shoot better.

Pam defines your style as basic: prioritizes fast fashion brands and makes the “high low” frequently, highlighting an item more top for the production of #looksdavidareal.

Pam’s tips

  • The secret is to have basic items: a white t-shirt, jeans destroyed, a black dress, a shirt and a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a black pumps and a nude are fundamental.
  • Many celebs wear basic clothes, but increase the look with accessories or shoes. Note and make the joke of the composition.
  • Only buy shoes and bags of quality, even if the price is more salty. The cost-benefit of a cheap item isn’t worth it. Shoes and handbags good with us for many years.
  • Save print on all the looks you like. Just then investigate what’s in the wardrobe to try to compose something.