RC Helicopter Buying Guide

With our guide, we will try to facilitate your purchase of your RC helicopter according to your level, beginner, intermediate ….

Small electric RC Helicopters:

Ideal for indoor and grip to start the model. All our rc helicopters are equipped with gyro for stability in flight.
They are all in 3-way, stable and easy to fly, they are delivered ready to fly and almost unbreakable.Have fun with theseElectric Mini RC Helicopter from € 25.90 to € 49.90.

We will add that these small rc helicopters are perfect for indoor flight and children from 8 years (under the responsibility of the parents).

The RC Helicopters Bi-rotor:

They are designed around a dual counter-rotor helicopters have excellent stability through their Gyroscope to be checked on all axes, thus the stability of the helicopter will be perfect, however, helicopters bi-rotor remains sensitive to the winds.
Perfect to start the RC model, you will find in this category RC Helicopter Beginner model for you to begin your flight.
You will also find helicopters for beginners in the class RC Helicopter Giant are also bi-rotor (4 blades) and easy for beginners flight.
The flight time never exceeds 10 minutes, it is advisable to take an extra battery.
RC Helicopters with onboard camera:

We offer a wide choice with helicopter onboard camera, it is the latest in terms of helicopter rc, whether twin-rotor or single-rotor, is very easy for beginners. It is a new leisure to make movies of your surroundings and pictures as proposed by some of our helicopters camera.

Radio Control Helicopters RC No 4 fixed lanes for intermediate pilots.

Ideal for intermediate pilots who already practiced with a helicopter flight bi-rotor.

These No fixed rc helicopters are reserved for public having flown with a twin-rotor helicopter before.Having only 2 blade instead of 4, as their bi-rotors provide a faster flight speed and withstands winds more easily, so the scope for growth is much more interesting.

We suggest these helicopters to adults from 18 years, even beginner, the room for improvement is much more interesting.

Drones and Quadricopter RC:

Much easier than a helicopter, according to behealthybytomorrow.com, the drone rc are easy to use for a pleasure to all ages. Repairs much easier, there are only 4 arms engines and a turntable, the impact resistance is much better than a helicopter rc.

I advise these drones radio controlled to a public from 10 years (under the responsibility of the parents).

Modeling language that you find on the products:

2.4GHZ frequency:

The real difference is that the issue is imbrouillable because each receiver is paired (shielded) with its transmitter and will only answer this one, so you can fly several helicopters without risk of interference, the flight distance is so much longer, about 100 to 150m depending on the model.
No radio antenna.

What does 3 or 4 channels?

3 ways: up / down, turn left and right, forward and backward. 4 ways: up / down, side shift to the right and left, forward and backward. What does 1 or Mode 2: Modes 1 and 2, means the position of the throttle. Mode 1: gas right are often the people who piloted a rc or other aircraft before. Mode 2: gas left is the mode used by 95% of people. RTF

(ready to fly) Means ready to fly, the helicopter contains, battery, charger and remote control. BNF: Means that the helicopter comes alone, he missed a remote control.
With us, all our radio controlled helicopters are available with all the spare parts you can easily find the parts needed to repair your equipment or your helicopter.