RC Car Engine Maintenance

The engine is the most important part of your RC car. Keep the engine requires more time than similar spot checks on the tires or the body of the car. You should establish a regular maintenance program, damage inspection before and after each race running your own you will need car.Things Specialty soft towel

WD-40 Photos oil
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Clean your engine with a specialized cleaner from your local store. These cleaners are usually delivered in a large metal spray can and is sprayed directly into the engine.

Replace the brushes and the springs if necessary. You should be able to tell when these must be replaced by a visual inspection in your maintenance routine.

Wipe the cables and son on your engine using a soft towel. You should do this as often as possible; even for a short stroke can cause a large amount of dust settle on the wiring system.

Use WD-40 on the engine to prevent the accumulation of dirt and rust. Many runners use to keep their RC cars and engines last longer.

Make a weekly check of engine fluids, including fluid in the gaps and shocks. Fluid levels should remain the same.

Check your air filter after each use and apply new oil. This will keep your engine longer than if you used the same air filter for long periods of time.

Follow the manual supplied with your RC car for Rctoysadvice on how to best preserve your particular engine.