Rampage At The Chinese Launch of The Iphone 4S

Iphone selling out in minutes
The official chinese launch of the apple smartphone iphone 4S has led to mass storms on january 13, 2012. Despite freezing temperatures, gathered thousands of people before the apple retail stores. When the doors finally opened, stock units were sold out within a short time. Particularly violent scenes took place in the beijing district of sanlitun, there was turmoil.

Iphone 4: Apple’s new smartphone in the test

Eggs instead of iphones

Long before the store opening at 7: 00 hundreds fans before the apple store gathered. However, the business remained closed. The operator had not dared due to onslaught, to open the doors. When they said the iphone sales without giving any reason about speaker finally tipped the mood in the crowd. Some of the waiting is obviously well prepared: Eggs on the facade flew it. A police line tried to prevent worse

Apple iphone 4s: Details, sample photos

25 pictures photos and the comparison with the iphone 4 2011: Accident when selling the ipad 2

The apple branch in sanlitun was already in the spring of 2011 with the launch of the ipad 2 into the headlines. At that time, the crowds on the business went a door made of thick safety glass to break. Some people suffered in the accident some serious cuts.

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Behind Scalpers?

The blog Micgadget meanwhile reported that scalpers had instigated the protests at the Beijing business. The report shows, including pictures of a man with a big plastic bag distributed to bystanders eggs. On another photo, a black marketeer should be to see who sells his purchased iPhones from a different branch of the chain. (dd)