Proper Care of Sweaters

Autumn is here, occurred sweaters season. So if you bought this an especially nice, you certainly want to give you endured unaltered at least one (or more) seasons.

Knitwear is to maintain quite challenging and so we jumpers usually very early matted and lose shape. Women sweaters are among the riskiest pieces of clothing in a closet at all and often will last us pretty to look at just one or two seasons and that we may, in some cases, really sorry. So both of them to properly care?

Not in the washing machine!
Luxury and nice sweaters should be washed by hand rather, especially if they are made ​​from natural materials. Wash it in a liquid detergent composition, preferably to a special wave and such that the rub in warm water. Make sure that the water is not too hot – damages the fibers! We do not rub or not wring. Lightly squeeze and wrap in a terry towel, which have sucked more excess water.
Then straighten it on a flat surface into shape and leave them to dry. Nevěšíme is because thereby lose shape.

At the very fine sweaters can be used instead of detergent and gentle shampoo for hair, which is also a little kinder to your hands according to Physicscat.

Saving is also important!
Dry sweater then carefully compare and store loosely in the closet, never hang it on a hanger, because Again, losing shape. To be precise – on the shoulders acquires the shape of that just coat hangers.

And when he had his day?
Then suits need to garden, but in that case we may leave sensitive care and wash the sweater in the washing machine. Completely ruined sweater but do not discard altogether if it contains a lot of natural and fine materials, fit need to polish the paintwork on the car.