Product Review: Tomtom Car Kit for Iphone 4

Holder with additional plug
With every iPhone including Telekom contract you get also a free Navi app from Navigon, pity however that the Navigon Design Car Kit could not really convince me. But there is finally the competition, the better alternative would be probably the TomTom Car Kit . The TomTom Car Kit has already been introduced for the iPhone 3G and thanks to constant model maintenance from Apple can also the iPhone 4 be used. The TomTom Car Kit is also more than just a pure car kit for the iPhone holder, so it additionally amplifies the GPS reception performance, has a charging function integrated and can at the same time via Bluetooth still free. Let’s see what the kit is with the iPhone.
Scope of delivery and mounting
The TomTom Car Kit is not a generous, but functional, as well as a holder with a suction cup, there is also a not very nice car charger cable as well as a manual and an iPhone 4 upgrade kit in the package. The suction cup holder is well known to the TomTom fans, the name EasyPort conveys a simple use of the suction cup. Here you just have to screw the suction cup, a detachment is just as easy. Gone are the days when you had to fix suction cups with stubborn levers.

If there is not enough space on the windshield, attach the enclosed fastening disc to the dashboard, where you can secure the suction cup securely on the smooth side. The holder is positively retracted by the rotation around its own axis. Here, both the portrait and the horizontal format can be selected. Furthermore, the height can be adjusted optimally by means of a sliding mechanism. So the iPhone is safe and visible in the driver’s field of view.Alone the cheap iPhone holders can not-and this is almost already the more expensive price.

The iPhone 4 mobile is quickly clipped into the sturdy holder-scratch-free thanks to the use of soft plastic and nevertheless safe even with fast car travel. Removal from the support is quick and easy by applying pressure to the upper part of the support. The car charger cable is connected to the side of the holder by means of mini-USB, you do not have to worry about the fact that the cable has to fumble into the plug with difficulty-the plug can be plugged in quickly and easily.

Small Startschwierigleit
Before using TomTom recommends the way to download the app ” Car Kit tool that is free to find in the App Store.” Despite the installation of the app, the iPhone 4 becomes the first negative mood-the iPhone 4 is not recognized and not charged. A quick Google research results, which one should then use the iPhone 4 upgrade kit, here we speak of a bit of rubber, which is to be glued to the mount, so that the iPhone 4 more stable sits. And, in fact, the iPhone 4 is perfectly recognized and the insert can begin. The full functionality of the bracket is only achieved by connecting the car charger cable, because only then the car kit integrated in the car kit and the standalone GPS module is supplied with power.

By the way, the hands-free system is not controlled by means of the dock connector but by means of Bluetooth, which means that the iPhone and the car kit must be linked.

In Practice
In practice, the use of the car kit (one one in the car kit, in the center console) proved to be absolutely no problem, even in direct comparison with two iPhones could make immediately in the inner city traffic and in deep urban canyons, the GPS chipset of the Car Kits the iPhone safely and quickly received more information than the iPhone in the center console of the car.Also the telephony with the speakerphone was surprisingly good. Of course, not comparable with a hands-free kit which is installed in a car, but for the price I’ve seen quite worse. And of course the TomTom Car Kit holder is also usable with other Navi apps – as in my case with the app of Navigon.

TomTom has offered with the car kit a very good product, which improves the navifunction of the iPhone by lengths. Especially in the inner city area, the GPS reception is better and the comfort of the Navi app is many times higher. Therefore, there is a recommendation at this point!