Prestigio PMP7074B3G: Baby Flounder From Cyprus

(Non) nomen est omen?

Prestigio derives from prestige and whose origin is the latin praestigium, literally: Smoke and mirrors, eaters. Wonder what is the prestigio multipad PMP7074B3G: An honest, affordable android device for unpretentious contemporaries? Or but a blender?

The hard facts

The multi touch display of the prestigio multipad PMP7074B3G measures seven inches and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Works inside an ARM cortex A8 processor with a clock speed of 800 megahertz (mhz), 512 megabytes (MB of) memory to the page are android 2.3 (gingerbread) is installed. For storing data are four gigabyte (GB) available, expandable via

microsd or microsdhc card (up to 32 GB). Connection with the outside world, takes the multipad via wi-fi, bluetooth and 3 G (with HSDPA). Sits at the front of a 0.3 megapixel camera, resolves its counterpart on the other side with two megapixels. 1.2 centimeters it is about as thick as the former 7-inch before pointing device, the samsung galaxy tab. With 460 grams, it is about 80 grams heavier.

First impression

At the pound-mini tablet, the gravity is so clearly noticeable, but still in a tolerable range and reasonably in the hand. Less beautiful: The multipad with waves acknowledged solid print on the back on the display. However you must make some effort to trigger this effect, under normal use, you don’t get to him see. Despite the 800 mhz the multipad works pretty fast, runs angry birds with many elements on the screen, and despite advertising surprisingly smoothly. But there are incompatibilities: Disney’s game where is my water graphically only slightly more elaborate than the ballistic shooting birds is completely unplayable. Massive graphic errors occur and animations morph into the slide show. Even the start menu appears only reluctantly. It is not computing power and memory, since running the game on a LG P500 (140 MB RAM, 600 mhz).

Baby flounder from cyprus: Prestigio PMP7074B3G

5 impressions the most important features at a glance USB without power
also unfortunate: The USB port is only for exchanging data recharge the multipad cannot be in. The electrical connection in turn is proprietary, should the charge cable so lost or break, it must be a spare of prestigio. Software-the cypriot plate of less is picky. Sounds, images and films of all formats are not a problem, videos may resolve what up to 720 p on a tablet with WVGA resolution and no HDMI output only limited sense makes.


Prestigio MultiPad PMP7074B3G

For 269 euro (RRP), you get a Tablet PC to surf the Internet, watch movies, read books and comics and calls. Also playing is possible with limitations. But those who have no 3 g access, has some alternatives to the election, which is less cost or offer more features. For example, suggests the Lenovo A1 at the time with nearly 190 euros, offers but 16 GB of memory and a GHz CPU. The ARCHOS 80 G9 currently costs 240 euros and comes with a dual-core CPU and HDMI output when needed can be here 3 G also retrofitted. The MultiPad is however recommended for weaker salaried 3G-Enthusiasten if they can live with the small quirks do. And with the missing prestige. (cs)