Prenatal Male, Essential to The Health of The Mother and The Baby

Culturally, men tend not to carry out periodic examinations of health before and during pregnancy, they are essential to the health of the mother and the baby

When you’re planning to have children, indicates that women do a battery of tests to make sure it is with health in order and ready to generate a baby, thus eliminating possible risk factors. After 40 years, these risks tend to grow, since from that age, the chances of mother develop gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and suffer the baby was born with Down syndrome are greater.

Similarly, after becoming pregnant, the doctors require the prenatal care, a series of new tests to ensure that all goes well with the mom and the baby both in gestational period as after childbirth.

In this scenario, the role of father figure decisively in the whole process, sometimes ended up being neglected, a fact that tends to change after studies and findings that claim, as well as the woman, the man must also undergo tests to investigate health conditions both in planning of pregnancy, or during pregnancy, says

This was made from a study published in the prestigious journal Nature, according to which, contrary to popular thought, the participation in the conception of a child is much larger than expected. In the survey of 78 families, it was found that the risk of a child have autism or schizophrenia increases according to the age of the father, especially after 40 years.

This evidence has reinforced the need to indicate that men make a preventive check-up to prevent any health problems will affect directly or indirectly the baby and the mother.

With this measure, everyone wins. The father, who to make sure you’re in health day is more comfortable to be able to create your son, mom, you have preserved your health at that stage so important and especially the baby that is generated with the tranquility of having less risk of developing diseases.

In Brazil, the Ministry of health intends to encourage men to perform periodic inspections more often, through a strategy that is worth that moment of parenthood. At that stage, they tend to be more sensitive and aware that your responsibility need to increase in order to create a child. The idea is to take this moment to encourage them to carry out the tests to ensure that they can have more health and tranquility to raise children who are about to arrive and you will need them for life.

Prenatal care is a set of preventive examinations that are made when planning a pregnancy or during pregnancy, along with the women’s prenatal. Among the tests performed are the serology and blood, which identify sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, HIV and hepatitis, diseases that can pass for both the woman and the baby.

To identify any of these diseases before becoming pregnant, the couple can prevent carrying out any treatment that decrease the risk of transmission to the baby or even rethink if they want to have the child, since depending on the severity, the child may be born with serious consequences and even die.If the identification is done during pregnancy, the stakes are higher, but the simple fact of having identified the possibility of contagion, helps to take measures for prevention of contagion before the baby will be born.

Are also conducted tests of high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, and other preventive examinations of the prostate are indicated as phimosis surgery, vasectomy, among others, depending on the case, and the prospective dads are also encouraged to participate in their prenatal partners, accompanying them in their consultations and participating in classes that discuss basic care to the baby such as food and hygiene.

The project male or prenatal check-up of the partner, as has been called, is already present in large States of Brazil as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Federal District, among others, and gradually going to spreading in other cities in a process that tends to be slow, since men are culturally more resistant to go to doctors and when will already with the problem at an advanced stage.

The most important of all this is to know that with health don’t mess around, even with your and nor with anyone. Therefore, if you are thinking about having a baby, talk to your partner and get him to perform all necessary tests along with you to ensure a peaceful gestation, after all, for any family, nothing is more important than the health of children, and with health, you are always ready to face and enjoy all the other phases to follow. Take care of yourselves!