Pregnant Can Use The Cell Phone at Home?

So far there is no definitive conclusions to hitch up the use of mobile phones to health problems. But much research is still being done–not only on pregnant women.

The short answer to the question about the safety of cell phones during pregnancy is that your probably not use brings baby health risks in the short term.

Mobile phones, however, are recent. Only began to be widely used in the 1990 and that period is not sufficient to meet all of its long-term effects.

The International Association for research on cancer, linked to the World Health Organization (who), sorts, from 2011, the radiation from cell phones as a possible carcinogen. But that’s not to say that there is evidence of risk.

For now, the Center for disease control (CDC) of the United States believes that the type of radiation emitted by cell phones in good condition is not risky for pregnancy.

The utility of cell phones is undeniable and almost can’t imagine life without them. But there are relatively simple ways to reduce the possible risks related to radiation emitted by these devices.

Cell phones emit low levels of so-called non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, the same of televisions, computers and microwave ovens.

This type of radiation is much lighter than the ionizing radiation, emitted by x-rays, CT scans and radiation therapy equipment, for example.

Still, it is useful to know what are the situations in which the radiation exposure is greater, if you want to protect yourself and your baby:
• simplified mode, the more close to your body is the appliance, more exposed to radiation you and your baby will be.

One option is to use a landline phone or select the speakerphone whenever der or pregnant smartphones. Another suggestion is don’t carry the phone in a pocket or stuck in bra strap, for example, or let him too close to the belly or your bed while you sleep.

“A person who uses the phone to about 30 to 40 cm away from the body–for example, by typing a message, accessing the internet or with an accessory (such as a headset)–will have a much smaller exposure to electromagnetic fields”, says the who.
• In “airplane mode”, the cell phone presents less risk of radiation exposure. It is possible, for example, when you, download videos, games and e-mail messages, and then disconnect the WiFi or cell signal.
• the amount of radiation emitted by the cell phones depends on how strong the signal. Roughly speaking, the weaker is the signal, the more energy the appliance spends, and more radiation it emits.

The ideal is to find so places where the signal is strongest near a window.
• cell phone manufacturers need to disclose to consumers the level of electromagnetic radiation the devices emit. The so-called level of specific absorption (SAR) reflects the maximum amount of energy absorbed by your body when you use the phone.

The smaller the SAR, better. The international recommendation is that the level of 2 W/kg (watts per kilogram).

Is it possible to make a consultation with Anatel, which is the federal agency responsible for the telecommunications industry in Brazil, with the code present in the specifications of the device.

Or you can call the customer service of the manufacturer of your cell phone and ask for the information.

Also remember that the use of mobile phone while driving (even without holding the device with your hands) decreases the speed of your replies in the direction, regardless of pregnancy.

This means that the risks of an accident are higher for both making and receiving a call how to give that “peek” in messages.

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