Pregnancy Shopping Tips


Yes, it’s tempting to live in dress sweater or tunic so comfortable and not too expensive… But no miracle to expect, most will pill right away.
It happened to me on several of my acquisitions of pregnancy, sometimes before even the first pass machine.
This sailor H & M Mama is great to wear pregnant, but she pilling.
Ditto on my already famous sweat Marks & Spencer dress I was telling you about earlier (and Yes, cruel disappointment after such taking a head…), like on a dress sailor sweater Mango or H & M Black and gray striped sweater (all immortalized below)…
Four acquisitions that afterwards I’m sorry, necessarily, but I think it important to show you, because unless you are a vet (perfect pregnant woman) you may also have this kind of errors, we cannot anticipate everything.
All, is to keep in mind that the mesh is risky, and suddenly, give her one hand limited in your purchases. My technique to me, it is to maximally leverage the mottled mesh where I ramble even forgiveness, any pilling are less.

dress-sweater Navy and white MARKS & SPENCER
H & M MAMAmottled gray pregnancy dress, worn here
Sailor sweater dress MANGO
black and white print dress H & M (RADIUS larger sizes)
dark red pregnancy dress ASOS MATERNITY Jersey
H & M MAMA pregnancy sailor
tunic in Heather grey mesh H & M MAMA
black and grey striped tunic H & M sweater
Heather grey long jacket H & M
long waistcoat in black cashmere MARKS & SPENCER
Heather grey long jacket H & M


Because two would be unreasonable, but zero would be inhumane. So make one, but do it well!
For me, it was a Monoprix x Heimstoneroom, in mode ‘ it’s now or never‘. ” And on this one, I got lucky, because I was able to buy my usual size at legalarmist (maternity fashion blog) and I still wear the dress at the moment (but not for long)!

print dress / HEIMSTONE x MONOPRIX
Black zippered dress / BEL AIR (spring 2011), pregnant scope here
flowery dress / NEW LOOK (spring 2008), pregnant scope here
dress printed chevrons / ISABEL MARANT x H & M
blue-gray linen sweater dress / AMERICAN VINTAGE (fall-winter 2010-2011), reach here
multicolored dress / TIBI (spring-summer 2012), reach here
khaki vest / MASSIMO DUTTI (spring-summer 2014), door pregnant here
floral tunic / ZARA (spring-summer 2012), reach here
blouse swallows / FOREVER 21 (spring 2011), carried here
cache heart tie & dye / H & M (spring-summer 2012), door pregnant here
Zebra skirt / H & M (spring-summer 2012), reach here
dress swallows / BEL AIR (spring 2009), reach here

That’s endless so I’ll stop there (even though this night I will be awakened with a start by an illumination on the advice n ° 11 and 12, it is safe!)
To deepen the topic, I recommend reading this post full of good sense and very well done on the blog ‘Dress like a Parisian’, held by the personal shopping Alois Guinut.

And I’ll give you an appointment within a few days for a cost-per-wear lesson that has blown away me… And, thank God, has nothing to do with the pregnancy (oh yes, give us a break, Bali!)