Pregnancy Clothing

In recent years the image of the pregnant woman has changed greatly. Not only was “duty paid” the belly, which makes a fine show of himself almost to the ninth month, highlighted by short and tight T-shirts, but any shape, in her round and soft forms, is no longer bundled up and humiliated in shapeless smocks , dark colors, but on the contrary, enhanced by dresses with comfortable lines and seductive. The pregnancy has become sexy? Maybe, depends on the character and the ease of future mother, one thing, however, is certain: the fashion offer for pregnant women of all ages and all sizes has increased and improved in a very significant way.

Whether dynamic forties at first pregnancy, adolescence or young mommies just outputs it changes little, the perfect clothes for you and your belly will not be hard to find. Today we speak of an Italian company that specializes in clothing premanan-Nicol Caramel – for autumn / winter 2010/11 proposes a collectionvery attractive, chic, versatile and impeccably cut as only Italian fashion tailoring the mold can be. light shirts with sashes in japan style, high-waisted pants orjeans sexy low rise skinny from the line, delicious dresses in knitwear and skirts read, jersey sweaters and coats wraparound, dresses in chiffon for romantic evenings or ceremonies.

Fabrics of high quality, as merino wool, velvets, silk but also denim and cotton, clean lines, simple, feminine, pleasant and asymmetries and warm shades like plum crisp, deep red, beige. If I was pregnant I’d love to wear one of the leaders of this collection, I feel a woman whose femininity is top! Hotel Nicol Caramel, Milan, born on the initiative of ‘businesswoman, and mother, Nicoletta Blacks in 1976, and becomes soon a brand important in landscape Italian clothing Maternity. Synonymous with quality, Nicol Caramel opened several outlets in Italy, over the cited Milan, also Monza, Rome and Cagliari. The purchases, but you can also easily make online, via the website. For info and prices: out site