Powerful Handmade Flashlight

If something has the maker community is that it relies on the curiosity of its members, as well as in the ability to do things to become reality-based work and experimentation. This has led to large projects that offer a new utility to old products or to create real wonders from scratch as you will see below.

SAMM Sheperd is a self-proclaimed hacker and maker specialist in playing with components to create objects of incredible, as on this occasion where has manufactured a monstrous lamp with LEDs, which has achieved a surprising power to the extent of need a liquid cooling system for its operation.

72,000 lumens of power

The surprising thing about this flashlight is that all its components can be found easily via the Internet stores, its operation is focused on eight 100-Watt LEDs each with which con lo que logra achieves an output of around 72,000 lumens, to put it in perspective, a digital cinema projector produces about 35,000 lumens, so we are in a true monstrosity that falls on the ground of one reflector more than a hand Lantern.

Due to the large amount of heat generated, approximately 1000 watts of which 800 come from the LEDs, had to figure how to assemble a cooling by means of water system to allow the operation of the flashlight while you melt.

A point is still looking to improve is the autonomy, since despite having incorporated a 2.2 Ah-36V battery, resulting in 79Wh, managed to get almost 6 minutes of operation to stop, something that is not ideal for a “portable” flashlight, but mentions that he is already working on it.

SAMM has also uploaded a few pictures where he shows us the ability of lighting this torch, where also compares it with 500 and 1000 lumens flashlights.