Already with my contribution Smart Casual on the road in everyday life-this is how I have put together my first outfit, which I have received as part of my Zalon by Zalando experience report. In this post I would like to introduce you the second outfit, which was put together by my stylist.

The second outfit can also be classified as Smart Casual by the style. Still, I see this outfit for the weekend or a meeting with mates as ideal ideal: casual, casual, casual and yet very stylish. The individual clothes, shoes and accessories I have integrated after the photos again. Furthermore, I would like to lose a few words to the individual elements of the outfit, otherwise I leave the photos for themselves.

In my post about the Poloshirt, I have already expressed that this is one of the hottest garments in the summer of 2016. Through different styles, cuts and colors this can be inserted into a variety of outfits. The Selected Homme-Shseason-Poloshirt-bright white, for which my Zalon stylist has chosen, comes relatively reserved and puts on a lot of white with accents in a dark blue.

The Poloshirt of Selected Homme is pleasant to the skin and feels good when worn. A discreetly extended back part with side slits contributes to the fact that the back is also covered while sitting. The fit of the polo is rather narrow, but this is not comparable to a classic slim-fit cut. Interesting, I find the remote contrast collar in the area of ​​the buttons, which gives the polo shirt the certain something when it is worn with a button open. Seen from the size, the upper part is normal and is comparable to other polos of me in size M.

The polo is worn on a Tommy Hilfiger Bleecker-Chino-gray, which has a soft feel. Here at mcat-test-centers you can get more different models and styles. The color is described as a light gray, which creates a natural contrast to the upper part. Otherwise, the chino waives a failed cut or other abnormalities.

Definitely a pair of trousers, which can be worn both in the office and during leisure time. The wearing comfort itself is extremely pleasant. I was almost tempted not to undress the Chino, so this felt so good. For this reason it is already the perfect trousers for the evening or meeting with mates. The slim-fit cut is not too strong, so the chino does not lie like a second skin. Still, it does not depend loosely on one, but preserves a certain form. I like it!

With the shoes, you could also loosely access a pair of casual sneakers, as for example from this look. Nevertheless, I decided together with my stylist for a pair of Melvin&Hamilton Jeff-Schnürer-tan/sand. Melvin&Hamilton is one of the brands to which I always come back. Which is due to the high-quality workmanship as well as the great wearing comfort of the shoes.

The lace up of this look is based on an open derby lacing and comes in a light used look. Highlight is surely again the colored leather sole, which comes in a light yellow tone. Otherwise the shoe convinces by its lyre-hole and decorative seams on the upper part of the shoe. All in all, a shoe, which at first appears extremely simple, but perhaps just because of it’s style. By the way, the lace can also be worn wonderfully to a suit.

You should also wear the appropriate belt for a pair of chic leather cord laces.You already know this from my first Zalon outfit, the Lloyd Men’s Belts belt business-brown. But he also makes a good figure for Chino, Poloshirt and Melvin & Hamilton Schnürer, in my opinion even a better one than the sneakers-here would rather recommend a stretch belt. Which is certainly due to the fact that belts and shoes are tone in this style.

For my three Zalon outfits-more information about this in the post with myZalon experiences-the stylist has selected a watch. Unfortunately, I had not considered in the outfit preview that a watch with brown leather bracelet would have been the better choice. Nevertheless the Fossil Chronograph-black liked me, with a brown leather strap it would fit perfectly to lace and leather belts.

Otherwise, you will find all the dresses of the look listed below. Your opinion about the look interests me, of course, look forward to your comment.