Political Group Creates “Islamic Facebook”

The Egyptian arm of political organization Muslim Brotherhood, present in several Arab countries, presented this week its own version of social network Facebook, which goes by the name Ikhwan Book. According to its creators the goal of the new site is to connect users “offering greater respect for Islamic values”, which can be understood as a less friendly stance bold photos, homosexuality and, of course, prohibition of anti-Islam groups.

The site is already online and the group said “it intends or has no intention of being a competitor to Facebook” but to be a tool for the adherents of religion “does not insulate the world.” Although on several occasions the social network Mark Zuckerberg have been the target of criticism by traditionalist Muslims because of anti-Islamic pages or scoff at the figure of Muhammad, you can connect the Ikhwan Book through Facebook.

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood advocates an “Islamic democracy” and has a strong presence in the Middle Eastern countries, but is prohibited from acting in Egypt, where you can not publish newspapers, broadcast radio or TV and its members are constantly harassed by authorities.