Plus Size Dress Lunender

Today I will show you a plus size dress of the new collection spring-summer Lunender. As said in a previous post (which you can read here), the brand has improved a lot with the collaboration of Dudu Bertholini and I was surprised with several items. This piece is one of my favorite items from the collection, let the beautiful bust and overrated and gives a

good designed. How modeling is ball in the Court, the skirt is very fluffy and round, valuing very curvaceous silhouette. I did think he is great for us, great women.

The dress is knitted and there’s nothing glamorous, but what makes you special is precisely the modeling that values the silhouettes plus size. This model will fit on all body types. Is summer’s face and goes well with sandals, slippers, anabelas, heel peep toes. Here I made a production out, something more tidy, so I chose a heel sandals and a smaller bag, but it is also perfect for day to day and is short “just right”-what I mean is that you don’t have to be afraid to buy panties, ok? Lol … I have 1, 79 m, my trunk is really long and it looks great on me. I’m using size G plus size dress from Lunender. I found him in the green in the virtual store of the brand.

The animal prints remain high in spring and Summer the imitation snakeskin pops up with a lighter touch and colorful, well characteristic of the station. The cool of this dress is that I can use it in the middle of winter: just throw a jacket or cardigan that will be beautiful. You can combine with a Bootie or even a casual sneakers to a visual daily and stripped. Another cool tip is to use a long necklace with him to help elongate the silhouette, especially if you are low. He has a v-neck with vertical clipping in the bust, so it also makes us more longilíneas.

Hope you like the look of today. I know many readers ask for tips from Naturegnosis on plus size dresses, with affordable price and to get well and I really was in love with this model: it became my darling because I thought has gone way up my body!