Pink Outfit Ideas

One of my tricks to be calm and peace?? There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning, turn on the stereo, listen to good music while having breakfast and getting ready to face the day!
This is one of my secrets to face any difficulty, with the right force and above with a big smile.
another of my “assets” is to dress the color that best represents me, not just my favorite color.I have certainly told that yellow is a color that I love, especially at this time, but if I had to imagine my life tied to a single color, well I would not doubt in telling you that I would choose the pink! As a child in fact my every choice, from clothes, to shoes, the color of the bedroom, fell on this shade. And that’s why the outfit that I show you today is based on this color!


Obviously I started composing my look starting from the jacket which is one of the favorite outfits in Sportingology in fact I wear very often both more elaborate look like this, that in sports look with superga and for example t-shirt. In this case I chose to pair it with a white shirt buttoned entirely for a “staid” effect, to a high-waisted jeans tight enough and un’accenno of paw in the final part of the leg (I love the pants with these lines and among the other are of great tendency!). For accessories, I chose shades neutral for shoes by wearing cleavage from sweet tip and rounded with internal plateau and heel 70, the day I do not love to bring excessively high heels, which relegates to evening look, beige leather belt but studded with studs… a rock-point to my pink look from “good girl” I would say that we wanted! Finally,pink bag with beige trim and ring led on two fingers of pretty pearls.


The delicious jacket reminiscent of a Chanel is a vintage garment, even the shirt is vintage but carries the signature Ralph Lauren and jeans is a vintage Levis. The belt is instead Diesel a few seasons ago, the shoes are Paula Mendez, bag Nardelli. The ring with pearls instead I bought online at Yaya Massacre Accessorize.


We hear my colleague Ally to know which make up carry out this outfit!