Pillows For Pregnant

Find a comfortable way to sleep is one of the hardest things during pregnancy! May be more at the end or at the beginning of the pregnancy, the fact is-1 point – we run out of position. Been there twice! And so I thought I’d tell you how I found my way, and find other ways to make pregnant women more pleasant nights for all of us!

When I was pregnant with Leo, I slept well for a long time, just having a hard time when the belly weighed. I thought I’d discomfort lying sideways, putting a pillow under the belly and another joint between the legs. I had no idea that there were alternatives to help the pregnant woman in time to sleep! There, pregnant with Manu, already knew of the existence of these “miraculous”, but also had at home a very efficient solution, and that I ended up using-even though be wary that stay and should more well thought out options.

And it is for them to start a selection of pillows for pregnant! In the end, my solution in the past nine months.

Original Snoogle pillow

Just looking at the Anylistintheus, I relax! This pillow is found in the United States, in stores like Baby R Us or shopping sites like Amazon. Get for being a not so easy task due to the size, but the husband doesn’t fix it, it’s more than a desire for pregnant! The blogger Shirley told this story in the Book of Mother. According to the description that I found on the website of the brand, this pillow can be used by anyone who is not happy with a single pillow! But he is Yes ideal for pregnant women, bypassing the body from head to toe, and giving support to your back and belly. And even comes with removable and washable cover. Brand: Leacho

Snoogle Total Body Pillow

It’s the same brand! And the most complete version of the super pillow! A dream, in my opinion! Without doubt, you can’t sleep with that one huh? Must be hard to find a place for her husband in cama…rs. And, then, to convince him to bring the big guy in the luggage.

Pillow Be Legitimate Mammy

Before you think that just has that kind of Pillow abroad, I’ll give the good news! Has the similar versions, and Brazil in a value well accessible! This is the Be Mammy and, according to information available on the website of the brand, was developed especially to reassure the nights of sleep of pregnant woman. In addition, it can be used to relax and breast-feeding.

Long underwear

Found on various online sites. Remember well the Snoogle and, according to manufacturer Fibrascais ideal to support the baby in time to breastfeed and also as protection when he begins to sit. “Multipurpose Product, can be applied to everyday life as support for notebook, anatomical backrest to watch TV or use as a pillow.”

Body Pillow

This model, the Altenburgstore, we find in any specialized store. Helps keep the spine aligned, in addition to supporting his chin, neck flexion. Avoid friction between knees and ankles and prevents the body from turning on your stomach. According to the official description, “is perfect for the individual rest of adults, can serve as protection for children and is very comfortable for pregnant women”.

And what I used anyway? The body pillow! I already had at home (I bought at the time that Leo went from crib to bed, to help protect), and I ended up using it himself. But, honestly, the snoogle and be mammy look nicer! Because I missed a “continuity” on the pillow you know? A part, maybe that ‘ comma ‘ that goes back …

In every way, who cannot invest in a pillow of dreams, the tip is to join several and go casting as feel more comfortable! The use of many pillows may not be very practical, but the important thing is to sleep well huh? To your health, including.