Photo Giant Attacked the N95

In August, there is not a silly season, but 14 new phones. The highlights: Sony Ericsson’s stylish designer piece T650i and the 5-megapixel phone SGH G600 Samsung.

With four or five new models, Sony Ericsson and Samsung place especially in the stuff.

T250i, T650i, Z320i and K530i hot to have the innovations from Sony Ericsson – all from August. Eagerly anticipated: the successor of the highly popular T610i, the chic T650i with stainless steel case and 3.2 megapixel cam.

Samsung pits at the end of the month the G600, his first 5-megapixel phone, against the Nokia N95. In addition, the Koreans have announced the SGH-i620 Smartphone-slider and the SGH-L760 YouTube mobile.

Also Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and LG throw fresh goods on the market. We have summarized all of the facts and images to the 14 new phones for you in a series of photos. On the following page, there are also the five buying tips of editor.

Top 5: The Editorial Buying Tips

Whether photographer, Smart phone-slider or stainless steel cell phone with our buying tips should be something for everyone.

Toshiba Portégé G900
Toshiba Launches another Smart phone on the German market after the G500 with the Portégé G900. The data sheet of the G900 reads well: facilities include HSDPA, MP3 player, 2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and a miniSD card slot. Special feature: A built-in scanner to detect the user’s fingerprint. The G900 is powered by the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system.

Samsung SGH-G600
Samsung now plays in the concert of high-resolution phone cameras.The 5-megapixel camera of the SGH-G600 features autofocus and LED illuminator. The 2.2-inch display should Captivate with 16 million colors.More details of the quad band mobile phones: EDGE, MP3 player, Bluetooth, USB, TV out, microSD slot and 60 MB of internal memory – UMTS is not provided.

Motorola MOTO Z8
The Z8 to support HSDPA with download rates up to theoretical 3.6 MBit per second. A real feature is the so called fit-to-face mechanism: the Z8 buckles when you open the slider and adjusts itself to the face of the user. New: The MOTO is bring as the operating system Symbian OS and UIQ user interface. Motorola grabs the phone in the Bluetooth-headset S9 via Percomputer.

Sony Ericsson T650i
The T650i is a difficult legacy: it should build on the success of the popular T610i. Therefore, Sony Ericsson has made special effort. The housing consists partly of stainless steel, the display is made of mineral glass. The mobile phone is intended to alert by constantly changing light effects. There is the technical equipment with 3.2 megapixel cam, UMTS, push E-Mail and MP3 players almost in the background.

Samsung SGH-i620
As the successor of the i600, Samsung brings the Smart phone i620 in stores. It should run under the operating system Windows Mobile 6, have a 2-mega pixel cam on board and have the data Turbo HSDPA.Most obvious exterior change compared to the i600: the built-in QWERTY keyboard is revealed under a slider mechanism. End of August should be to have the SGH-i620 in Germany.