Philips Projector Night Light

Disney Princess projector light-color: pink

Collection 100% license Disney Philips Princess: Rapunzel, Aurora from sleeping beauty and beautiful

This Disney Princess night light is perfectly in tune with the Princess your daughter Chamber, more, it projects images of Princess. Turn a wheel to project tales of Princess on the ceiling, while the light shines down. ! Reassuring night light projector Princess issingle, she morph sunset and the time of the stories of your child. The integrated switch allows you to switch easily between the pilot and the projector.

Disney Princess projector light – features:
-Shape: Conic
-2 in 1: Nightlight and projector
-Operates with 3 AA batteries – not included
-3 wheels with 8 images by wheels.
Disney Princess projector – Dimensions:
-Height: 11.8 cm
-Width : 11.5 cm
-Depth: 11.5 cm
-Weight: 0.195 kg
Most of the Ladybug:
This night light Disney Philips, reassure your child at night, while the projector display on the wall or the ceiling of the room of your child’s favorite Disney characters
This night light projector Philips Disney intended for the children’s room creates an environment that encourages children to engage in what they value most: fun and creativity! A place where your little Princess can study, play and sleep in the company of his favorite Disney princesses.
This light is designed to be used safely by your child. Our Disney luminaire range is the result of the partnership between Philips Lighting leader & leader of the animation Disney.
Provided with 3 wheels, each containing 8 different images, to stimulate your child’s imagination.

Quality Philips
LED technology integrated in this lamp is a unique solution developed by Philips.The lighting is instantaneous and provides a perfect light by highlighting the bright colors of your child’s room.
As a caring society, environment and society more generally, Philips is committed resolutely on the path of eco-designed products.
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