Petting Instead Press

The touch is controlled entirely via touch screen. Thus also HTC follows the trend for mobile phones, refrain from mechanical buttons. We have tested how well this works.

Where we are headed with mobile phones, it is becoming increasingly clear: whether HTC Touch, LG with his Prada, Apple with the iPhone or most recently Sony Ericsson with the W960i: all these newcomers put on the finger and touch screen controls.

The touch comes in the near future many German network operators in the shops. At O2 it will be Nova from the end of June as the XDA on the shelves, at T-Mobile and Vodafone, T-Mobile MDA touch is he starting in July under the name and likely to have as VPA touch at Vodafone.

Facilities: No 3 G Support

The touch has many advantages, such as voice dialing, voice control and a powerful contact database. Missing we have but the fast data transfer via UMTS or HSDPA.

The HTC can send three GSM frequencies (triband). UMTS or the faster HSDPA is missing in the list of equipment. You find also environment profiles. But at least, you can use voice dialing as well as voice control for the input of numbers. Alarm clock, calendar, calculator and various Office applications are on the menus of the touch.

You can enter details such as nicknames, notes, or the contact information of the Deputy in the over 30 parameters per contact. The voice recorder allows although no recordings of telephone conversations, but absorbs all other sounds, which can be used upon request as ringtone.

Data functions
With other devices, the touch can wirelessly via Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11 g, max. 54 MBit/s) or wired via USB, contact record. The test detected Mobile driver-but that is not our XP machine. On Windows Vista, it worked without any problems.MByte large test file we needed to transfer a 3 USB five seconds.

In the test we could surf fast Wi-Fi the Internet. If no hotspot or access point is in range, you have to make do with GPRS or EDGE. A VPN client is ready for secure connections. The touch supports the connection to Exchange Server. A microsSD card with 1 GB is included.

PDA And Multimedia: Typical Windows Quirks

Windows Mobile 6 seems to have taken over old quirks of the 5 series version.For example, too much time in the country went after synchronization.

PDA functions
Office files (Word, Excel) can not only open but also edit.PowerPoint and PDF files can at least take a look at and change file names. The downloaded ZIP tool compresses files and is compatible with popular programs such as WinZip. With the GPRS Monitor from the enclosed CD-ROM you can monitor the amount of data transmitted via mobile phone.

Appointments, tasks and notes can easily manage with the touch and match with the computer via ActiveSync.However much has really happened here compared to Windows Mobile 5. So our test device for the needed adjustment of 1,000 contacts less than 3 minutes. Via Bluetooth, it took procedure times nearly 20 seconds longer.

Windows Media Player 10 Mobile is responsible at the touch by default for music and videos. In addition, HTC has installed the own audio Manager, which is accessible via the finger-optimized user interface. Both players provide ID3 filters, repeat and random play, but no opportunities to optimize sound.

The camera at the rear of the touch has 2 mega pixel resolution and uses the entire screen as a viewfinder. In the test, the camera delivered quite colorful and respectable, but to edge down slightly blurred images (see Photo Gallery).

Practice: Pampering For The Display

The user interfaces optimized for finger operation with touch can be counted on one hand.

Really chic: A swipe across the screen activates the special HTC surface. In addition to the main, there are three more finishes optimized for finger operation. The icons of the menu are pretty large and graphically appealing and can be operated easily with one finger.Switching between the touch surface is accompanied by a pretty leaf effect.

However, all links from the optimized user interface lead back to “normal” Windows mode with small panels. At least here you need the pen infectious laterally at the housing. Especially when typing text messages, he is definitely the right choice. A 5-way button and two buttons to start and stop applications are located under the display.

Display/key data
The touch Compact 100 x 60 x 15 mm and weighs airy 111 grams. The black housing with chrome gives the phone a noble appearance. The processing is quite solid, only the slightly spongy 5-way button could work something more precise. In our battery test stopped the meter clock after less than three and a half hours of continuous talk under full load – average with Smartphones.

The touch-sensitive screen is located in the test with its stately size 43 x 47 millimetres, good brightness, and decent contrast. Also display can be very quickly and easily with your finger or the stylus operated.

In the acoustic test, the touch beat is neat, but not overly well. We noticed both the mobile and fixed a little clipping sound. Also, the free speaker device is good with his krächzigen sound and the low volume not for louder environments.

Conclusion: Good Idea

The touch is not just good looks. He has an innovative operation and offers the full Smartphone functionality thanks to Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

The touch brings fresh wind in the HTC line. It is chic, slim and has lots of useful features on board. At least partly smart and appealing dissolved Operation via touch screen and fingers may find many friends. At the Phone functionsdrop old Windows vulnerabilities such as missing environment profiles and a quite a long activation time.

That HTC Touch dispenses UMTS, not lit us up.Especially since the touch brings a really good browser and push mail, too. At the Data functions HTC can be otherwise no slouch: W-LAN, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth with A2DP for stereo headphone plug into the black housing.

Fit for business
Also as PDA look good to the touch. You can not only look but also edit Office documents.We have less praise for the lame data synchronization with the computer. Less than 3 minutes via USB for 1,000 contacts are simply too long. Nevertheless, The overall impression is one of, and which is positive for the touch.

Anyone looking for an innovative mobile and not until the end of the year on the fabled Apple iPhone would like to wait, for example should bePrada by LG Watch: A finger controlled touch screen and only some advantages of mobile phones are a really chic exterior.