Petite Jolie Presents Prism Collection

To bring even more life to your product line, the Petite Jolie, women’s footwear and accessories brand, launches the Prism collection. Full of lightness, emotions, new colors and movements which invite the consumer to create your own fantastic reality. Use fashion as a means of transforming and fill the day to day energy.

The new collection brings futuristic and technological characteristics, with emphasis on the holographic effect, present in shoes and handbags, as well as transparency. In the color palette, the highlight is the mixture between quieter tones such as light blue and more energetic tones, such as lime and pink. This mix brings the colors lights look modern and urban.

The Hyperreality is also depicted on plate heaven, which enters in backpacks, Fanny packs and tennis, all covered by illustration. Tropical makes a counterpoint with the technology that brings contemporary influence of nature. The bags come with straps of fabric Floral Maxi and tropical decorations with bright colors as well as those found in the slippers.

The comfort is present in all parts. Among them stands out the Mule model, which is on the rise and is brand new in tennis with the same pattern on the leather and soles, sandals with translucent coating and slippers and soled flarforms bicolor. The shoes are still with soles higher and also abuse of lightness and indentations, loafer, slippers and slide models, already flatforms bring back to Sandals, with great influence.

The collection took into account the women’s current search for practicality prioritizing comfort shoes and a reduced size in the stock markets, such as new models of Fanny packs and phone cases. The Prism also brings the bag Saddle style with matte finish, Nano Bags that were on the runway trends, in addition to the round bag and backpack with removable inner pocket translucent.

The Prism collection products are available in the main country-branding.

The Prism collection products are available in the main country-branding.

On the Petite Jolie

The Petite Jolie is young at heart and old. It was created in 2009, with the goal of bringing more inspiration, color and joy to the lives of consumers, under a concept that represents well: “Bright Days are waiting”.

An optimistic brand that supports positive and hopeful attitudes and has among its fundamental features the versatility. Present in the daily life of its consumers always tries to create shoes that transmit the taste and the atmosphere in circulating the in love by products.

With strong participation in all social networks, the Petite Jolie excels in performance front to several brands of renown and importance on the world stage, both when it comes to engagement for new fans. In addition, part of the Douglas Group, a company with over 20 years of experience that focuses on providing comfort, quality and technical rigor to keep the success of brands. In addition, administrative center located in Rio Grande do Sul, the production happens in Ceará.

Among the products in directoryaah chart are sandals, sneakers, flats, heels, handbags and accessories, with the assumption that the true colors are your inspiration. The Petite Jolie believes that spectacular days await who is optimistic. And a shoe full of color and sympathy on the feet is like a smile on your face:lights up the day.