Peeling Home: How to Do, and What Are the Benefits

Keep the skin always be beautiful and healthy is the desire of most women. Better yet if this is possible with natural methods and inexpensive. A good option is to bet on the peeling homemade, made with mixtures of simple and products easy to find, such as oatmeal, soy milk, brown sugar and papaya.

Peeling Home How to Do, and What Are the Benefits

The homemade recipes of peeling are less abrasive and indicated only for the care of the layers, the more superficial of the skin. Treatments deep and delicate are considered medical procedures and should only be carried out with professional supervision.

If the person has a history of allergies and irritations on the skin, you should also consult a dermatologist for any questions about the use of homemade products.

How to do the peeling at home?

The homemade recipes make a gentle exfoliation of the skin. This process removes dead skin cells, surface stains and helps speed up the renewal process of the skin.

With the correct choice of ingredients, it is possible to obtain a mixture safe and healthy. In addition to cheap, the mask will help in the whitening of the skin, unclogging pores, preventing acne, and even reducing oiliness of the face. The results are encouraging, but do not get carried away too! It is recommended that these peels homemade are made with a maximum of three times per week.

Revenues peeling homemade

The recipes vary according to the purpose of the peeling. Basically, you will need to mix all the necessary ingredients so homogeneous and massage them on your face for up to three minutes. Do not leave in the sun during the treatment, and then rinse well the skin. Remember to spend a sunscreen before leaving the house.

We have separated some of the recipes that help to recover the health of your skin and that are easy to do. And which is better: most of the ingredients you probably already have at home.

Peeling bleaching

Ingredients: Yogurt and oat bran

In a bowl, add a measure of oat bran a measure of natural yoghurt. The mixture can be used during the bath or at any time of the day. First, you need to wash your face with a soap suitable for your skin type. Then, apply the oatmeal with yogurt in a circular motion, giving priority to the regions of the face that have the most stains. Massage for three minutes. Wash your face well to take all of the mixture.

Benefits: While the bran removes dead surface cells, the lactic acid of yogurt stimulates the renewal of skin and inhibits the production of melanin.

Peeling, deep cleansing

Ingredients: Papaya, oats, in thin flakes and extra virgin olive

You will need a tablespoon of papaya crushed, a spoon (soup) of oats in thin flakes and a spoon (coffee) of extra virgin olive. Wash your face with a mild soap. With the skin still a little damp, apply the mixture in circular motions on the forehead, on the chin, on the apples and on the nose – the regions most oily face.

Benefits: The peeling removes the dead surface cells of the skin, helping to control the appearance of acnes and cravinhos.

Peeling reducer patches

Ingredient: coffee grounds

Here the ingredient is unique: Only the dregs of the coffee (the one left over that stays in the filter after straining the drink). Before applying it, wash your face well with mild soap and warm water to open the pores. In the following, massage the coffee grounds with your hands in circular motions, avoiding the eye region. Leave it to act for one minute and rinse well.

Benefits: The coffee acts on the skin, activating the circulation and improving the process of cellular regeneration.

Peeling wrinkle reducer

Ingredient: Pulp of passion fruit

The recipe is simple: remove all of the pulp of a passion fruit and spread his cheeks. Leave it to act for up to three minutes and rinse with neutral products.

Benefits: in Addition to decreasing the ruguinhas surface, this recipe also promotes the hydration of the skin, leaving it softer to the touch. All because of the action of vitamin A, which is found in high concentration in the fruit. It helps to reduce irritation and redness.

Peeling reducer of swelling

Ingredients: Cucumber and soy milk

Puree in a blender the peel of a cucumber with a cup (american) of soy milk. Apply the mixture paste on the face and leave it to act for twenty minutes. Remove the mask gently with cold water and neutral products.

Benefits: cucumber contains substances that help to reduce fluid retention and swelling, and stimulate local blood circulation.

Suggestion Jasmine

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to have a skin that is always beautiful and fresh. Is one of the nutrients that we eat during the meals that our body takes fuel to fight against aging, pollution, physical inactivity and the consequences of the exposure to the sun. Among the natural ingredients that can be added in the diet to promote skin health are chia, berries, wheat germ, almonds, brazil nuts, flaxseed and oats.