Paula Cademartori: GaUCha Behind The Most Desired Luxury Handbags Of The Moment

Rooted in Milan and graduated in Industrial design at Ulbra, Porto Alegre Paula Cademartori is the designer handbags more incensed, revered by fashion world and adored by style icons around the globe.
Learn more about the brilliant mind and stylish in exclusive for Donna magazine, by Renata Peppl, directly from London.
Five years ago, the Rio Paula was in a position of Cademartori envy any young designer: occupied two years the post of junior designer of one of the lines of designer Versace accessories, splitting your day among the co-creation of a dozen collections per year, meetings with the all-powerful Donatella Versace and unrestricted access to one of the best creative teams in the world. Who, at the age of 20-somethings and starting a career in design, would leave a job like that? Answer: Paula. Invited to participate in the project Who’s On Next, Vogue Italy, which selects 140 emerging designers to present to the world, the Porto Alegre had no doubt: would the challenge. Don’t hesitate nor when he heard the boss the impossibility of taking two weeks off to create a collection that would be presented in the project.
-Quit in time – remember, with voice decided, speaking directly of your Atelier in Milan. -I always knew where I was going, I always wanted to be a tag.
The classroom of the course of Industrial design of the Ulbra, directly to the University enjoyed Marangoni, in Milan, where he studied master in Accessories Design, Paula forged for himself a meteoric career in the world based fashionista determination, discipline, talent-and a sympathy without equal-which are evident already in the first 15 minutes of conversation. With only 26 years, created her own brand of Luxury handbags in the Italian city – Paula Cademartori bags. In just over three years, became the darling of celebrities around the globe, celebrated in international magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. The buckle to sew the bags (and that appears in her hands the image of the cover of Donna) is a signature already traditional brand.
The trajectory may have been fast, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. The family was terrified when she announced the resignation.
-But you’re sure, my daughter? It’s not too risky? -said the mother, via Skype, worried about the silliness of the youngest.
Coming from a family of lawyers, engineers and doctors, Paula’s announcement that he intended to study design was cause for concern.
-Going to do engineering, guria! – asked the father.
Paula hit walk. Spent six months burrowed in a factory near Milan, drawing the first collection, obsessed with every detail to the manufacturing side. With the pieces in hand, in 2010, she went door to door in department stores present the brand. Not enough, called for newspapers and magazines impersonating Secretary herself.
-I’m talking about: “Here is the Assistant Paula Cademartori, we wanted to send release to you about this new brand of bags …” – she laughed, which assigns your discipline to the years he spent studying in College Farroupilha, Porto Alegre, and the love for fashion, inherited from Grandma.
Before being loaded in tow for dozens of fashionistas and celebrities around the world – the Man Repeller Leandra Medine Chiara Ferragni, the Blonde Salad blog, in addition to the actresses Julia Stiles and Alice Eve, the bags have made your début Cademartori personalities in the world of style when the powerful Anna Dello Russo, Publisher and Creative Director of Vogue Japan, came to be photographed with a under his arm.
-We met through mutual friends in Milan. She saw me with the bag a few times and, on one occasion, he asked me to send a template for it. Hence never stopped. Today we are good friends-remember Paula.
Each bag is done manually and takes an average of 32 hours to get ready.
-I’m a big believer in the concept of Made in Italy. Here are the best handbags in the world.
Today the collections Cademartori (four per year) are sold in 186 of the largest department stores in the world and recently won a prominent position in the showroom Riccardo Grassi, trendy space dedicated to luxury accessories in Milan.
In parallel, Paula is still creating dozens of collections of accessories for the catwalk of two legendary brands that, by contract, she cannot reveal who they are. Still want more.
— In two years, I want to open the flagship of the brand. I’m thinking of launching collections of shoes and clothing in the future too. I know what’s going to happen – with a wide smile on her face.