ParanoidA ndroid Free Code Source of HALO, Ready for Any ROM.

Developers who are behind the popular ROM ParanoidROM Android they just announced that they release HALO, the exclusive interface and way of managing multi-tasking that both helped to move forward to Paranoid Android.

The source code is available via GitHub for other developers of ROMs and while it is still in beta this feature has been very well received by the users in the latest versions. They offer support for tablet and Smartphone.

On these lines, we have video which demonstrates that interface may be home without much trouble the rest of ROMs. As you can see it is a step forward for the community of Android development.

As you can see it’s an implementation inspired by ChatHeads’s Facebook Home, but applied to all the Android notification system. You can see all the notifications by dragging the shortcut that will show what kind of notifications have and will allow us to access over any application in which we are to them, floating about the content.