Panasonic Toughpad Tablet

The Toughbook Panasonic products are designed to work in extreme environmental conditions or under extraordinary anyway. Intended for anyone working in critical areas and different from ordinary office, should ensure performance, operability and durability. It is therefore with pride that in this prestigious range will make his entrance also an Android tablet.

Milan, June 16, 2011–is now the announcement of Panasonic Toughbook had planned the launch of a rugged tablet PC with Android ™ for enterprise. The new Toughbook tablet will fill the market gap of rugged tablet PC for the enterprise designed according to a logical time to safety, functionality and real accountability. Thanks to this solution dedicated to business users, the new Toughbook tablet will answer the needs of a wide variety of users, including mission critical government personnel, field workers with high levels of mobility, small businesses looking for greater competitiveness and IT manager pay special attention to security.

From the point of view of functionality, the new Panasonic Toughbook tablet will be equipped with a screen visible even in bright sunlight and high brightness, enabling mobile workers belong, for example, in areas such as field services, healthcare or public safety, to have access to critical data and use the device regardless of whether they are outdoors or inside a building. The new tablet will also include a stylus activates, allowing mobile workers in sales and customer service capturing signatures on devices with multi-touch 10.1 XGA display.”

Mobile computing for the enterprise requires high levels of security on the device, that are currently unavailable on the tablet market. In response to these needs, the new Toughbook tablet safety was integrated at the hardware level.

The Toughbook brand is known for reliability even in extreme operating environments. And the new Toughbook tablet is no exception, offering robustness and protection device for all your peripherals like fully-rugged.

Other features of the new Toughbook tablet include the GPS module, a full-shift battery life, integrated 3 g broadband module and other professional accessories.

Mobile broadband connectivity, together with a long battery life, sunlight viewable screen and an intuitive Android ™ operating system, will allow quick access to data and applications significantly increasing the productivity of a field representative and thus improving response times and delivery by the customer service.